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Okay, my first opinion on 1and1 is that it has a weird name. What are they trying to say? It’s just 1 and 1. Are they saying that work alone? Is 1and1 antisocial? I need the answer. Just like their name, 1and1 is a complicated hosting service. I could literally read the entire documentation and still have no clue what to do. I was planning on transferring my website there, but things got annoying. It gave me errors and there was no support. For a moment, I might have lost my website. Anyways, let’s continue with our 1and1 review.


1and1 Review




1and1 offers extreme initial value. The hosting price is $0.99 cents per month and you can buy for 12 months. They also give you a free domain. There’s also a 1 month trial for WordPress managing. It’s not hosting, this service basically takes care of the technical aspects of our website. If you want, you can also not use this service. The WordPress installer also allows you to preview your website on a temporary domain. This will also allow you to use the administrative settings on WordPress. There are two more packages. One is $4.99, while the other is $8.99. Renewal of your hosting will be at regular price.




First, we’re going to talk about speed. Warning, speed results will vary according to the site tested. Some platforms load faster than other platforms. The usual testing tool I use is Pingdom. According to my test, 1and1 servers take around 1.75 seconds to load around 150.3 KBs of content. I would say that this is a mediocrely good server, however, I’ve seen better. IPage can load 8MBs of content in around 3.5 seconds, which is extremely fast. However, its starter price is $1 per month more expensive than 1and1 hosting. It’s $1.99 per month for the first year. Here’s a link to my IPage review.




One main advantage of using 1and1 is that it offers free SSL certificates with most of its plans, including the cheapest one. Speaking of security, it also has DDoS protection. Also, they use an SSD drive for their MYSQL database. Again, better speeds. They also allow you to host an unlimited number of websites, even in their basic package. They provide up to 600MB of RAM, which 100MB more than GoDaddy’s and they also have a website builder and an automatic script installer. Also, they have some unique features for their WordPress Hosting. For example, the servers use a 50GB SSD drive, which translates into better speeds. Plus, they allow unlimited visitors. A plus for 1and1 and a loss for GoDaddy. For security features, they have Geo-Redundancy, data recovery, and pre-live staging, whatever that is. Finally, both plans offer a free domain.


1and1 review

Support Documentation

The documentation text was clear. However, the pictures they provide may confuse impatient readers. The pictures should contain highlights and more details. I haven’t personally contacted 1and1 hosting, so I can’t give you any feedback. Also, their ’30 days money back ‘guarantee’ is hard to process. They don’t have a simple ‘Request refund’ button. Keep this in mind when purchasing.


That’s all for this 1and1 review. Click here to check out my review on GoDaddy. For the people who visit Malay Teen for comedic posts, I’m sorry that this isn’t funny. I suddenly feel professional. Pro confessional that is. I know, it hurts so bad. Anyways, if you like this 1and1 review, share it. If you’re going to buy hosting or any other plans, please use my link. It will help me to be creepy. It will also make me smile and fart. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

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