First of all, you wanting to know about me is making me blush. Well, the actual reason why this page is created is because of a certain ad agency owned senior Google. So, let talk. My name is Salmenn Arick A/L Ravee. And you’re already thinking “What the hell does A/L mean”. Well, its English counterpart is S/O which means “Son of”. So my name is Salmenn Arick, Son of Ravee. I know, cray-cray. However, this is how all Indians in Malaysia are named. Except, females would use A/P. You probably already know what that means.

Anyway, I’m currently 16 in 2016, so I’m born in 2000. And yes, I figured that out right now. You know, all this talking about me stuff is making sound like a narcissist, which I’m not. I’m just a boy who is attracted to his own reflection like Narcissus. I’m Indian according to my birth certificate, but this may not be the case. If you look at my picture, I look exactly like a Malay. So, there must be a mix-up in the hospital. Now, I’m not successful in blogging, but I will share you my story on why I started blogging.


The Beginning

It all started when I wanted to go to college. I was sick of school, not to mention I was allergic to it. Okay, first let me catch you up on something about school. In your school, bullies are probably seniors, or even larger than you. In my school, they’re literally 3 times smaller than you. They think that they can threaten around but in reality, you’re just kind and don’t want a fight.

Moving on, I went to college at the age of 15, which is a commendable thing in my country. Then, I had to take a loan to pay for college. In reality, my parents could have supported me, but I didn’t want to burden them. Then, I needed to spend cash for things. That’s when I realized that I needed to work. Finding a part-time job in my city is the same as a finding a grain of sugar in a pot full of it. So, I turned my efforts to blogging. At first, it was for the money. However, I really found out my real passion, which is writing. I want to prove my vocabulary. So far, I’m proficient in Secondary Langauge English, but I’m not at the level of native speaker. So, that’s why I’m blogging.



I currently have 5,000 views per month, which is pretty low. Unique page views are at 4,000 per month, which is lower. I aiming to find a niche where I’m good at. However, that seems impossible. So, I’m diversifying my posts. Now that I can’t check my Pagerank, I can’t monitor my growth. I planning on at least having 1000 views per day within next year. I just wish that AdSense would accept. Oops, dropped its name. Also, check out my latest posts. If you do, something good might happen.


Contact Info

If you need to contact me, my email is or You could also comment for more info. Anyways, thanks for reading, that’s all I can share about me, and I do hope that you’ll have a great day. And now check related posts, check it, check it now or I will eat you. You made it through the whole page, you sure are creepy.