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Blogs, one the internet’s most popular type of media. There are so many blogs which take on so many niches. There are cooking blogs, fashion blogs, tech blogs, and even blogs about fish. Each category has over thousands of blogs created by different people. The thing is that with so blogs out there, are there any disadvantages in using them. You’re probably thinking “What a lunatic.” Yes, I am a lunatic but hear me out for a moment. Sometimes, a website may be better than a blog. So, in this review, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of blogs for readers.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs



Website or Blog?

Yes, it’s very hard to confuse a website with a blog. Some blogs look so professionally built that they’d outclass a website. You’re probably thinking “Wait, isn’t a blog also a website”. Yes, but websites in this contexts are custom made CMS platforms. Websites will usually look more premium than a blog and can be better identified through analyzing its content. Web sites post articles. Which means they will hardly contain humor and the writing will have a serious tone to it. Some might are even written in academic format only. Since we’ve settled that, let’s dive into our main discussion.


Disadvantages of using Blogs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs

1. Reliability

This is what most blogs lack. For instance, I could say that most blogs lack reliability. However, I don’t have proof of what I said. Did I take a sample in a group of blogs? Did I check the accuracy of those blogs? Unfortunately, no. My conclusion was based on the fact that I read many blogs of low quality. It wasn’t based on statistically proven results. Let me give you an example based on a popular blog and website. ShoutMeOutLoud has a post on AdSense. His/Her post gave tips based on the result he/she had. Neil Patel (Website) has an article on how to improve SERP, which is based on multiple experiments. The problem doesn’t lie within bloggers, though. We don’t have the budget to carry out experiments which produce statistical results. I’m basically saying, don’t hate us, hate the game (expenses).


Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs

2. Professionalism

Roughly 25% of blogs are known to be unprofessional. Again, this is an estimate based on the blogs I’ve read. This is not to say that these blogs are not credible, it’s just that these blogs make mistakes. A blog is usually run by a single person. This person has to proofread his/her post, make changes in settings, and look over the entire blog. Of course they’ll make some mistakes, they are human. The mistakes could be in a form of grammar, blank page, error page, or even website failure. Even I make these mistakes. Websites, on the other hand, have multiple people monitoring it. Plus, they have their own dedicated proofreading team.

Another way blogs can be unprofessional is the style and tone of writing. The way bloggers write is as they’re talking to another person. It’s like explaining or conversing with the reader. Websites, on the other hand, write academically. It’s like they’re not reporting to the reader. One simple way to know the difference is to check whether the post/article is expecting you to reply/discuss. Bloggers will want their audience to respond to them, while article writers just want to inform, unless you’re blogging for business.


Advantages of using Blogs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogs

1. Forums

Forums and comment sections are the main reason why blogs are useful. That’s the number one advantage in reading a blog. Blogs will always have a comment section and in the comment section where you can discuss about the topic. Ask questions about something. Even if the author doesn’t reply, fellow readers will. Comment sections have literally become a fun way with interacting with people. You can subscribe to new comments and be updated on what others said. Blogs are especially useful topics such as reviews, or education, or even philosophies. For articles, you’ll have to write an email to the author to get a reply. For blogs, you’ll just have to comment and it may be answered within a few seconds. I said ‘maybe’, okay. There are even some blogs that have a dedicated page for forums.



2. Personality

Why use a blog? Cause it has personality; And the readers are like “whaaaat?”. Yes, blog posts have personality. Well, the writers do. When a blogger writes a post, he/she will write in a tone/style that showcases their personality and yes, I said ‘showcase’. When you meet/read that blogger with the right amount of seriousness/humor, then you’ll definitely want to read future posts by them. Although YouTube is dominating this category, bloggers aren’t still out. I find that reading passively (in your mind) will allow you to better enjoy that post. Also, ‘reading passively’ is not the official term for reading in your mind. So yes, technically both number 2s count as advantages and disadvantages of blogs since they’re the same thing, writing style.



That’s all the advantages and disadvantages of blogs that I could think of and I hope you’ve understood the importance of blogs. If liked this post, make sure to check my post on the pros and cons of blogging for writers. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day. Also, subscribe for more posts. Peace.

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