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Every website needs hosting. You can either create your own hosting by running a PC for 24/7 or you could buy hosting from hosting providers. Like many websites, you’ll need decent hosting if you want to run a great website. When it comes to hosting, you’ll need to make sure that you get the absolute best for what you’re paying for. By doing so, you can better optimize the overall budget for your website. In this affordable web hosting package list, we’re going to go over hosting packages that offer value in descending order. A disclaimer, we’re evaluating initial value for most of our hosts.


Affordable Web Hosting Package List


Affordable Web Hosting Package <NameCheap>

1. Namecheap

When it comes to offering an extremely affordable web hosting package, Namecheap can’t be beaten. Its first-time only website hosting package’s price is under $10. The price of 4 Malaysian McDonalds meals. Meaning it’s considered affordable in many countries. Not only that, the renewal price of Namecheap hosting also looks very good. The price does up to around $40, so it’s now 15 Malaysian McDonalds meal. A lot but do able. Moving past the price, let’s look at the taste, I mean speed of Namecheap. Namecheap with optimization delivers pretty good load times. Around 3 to 4 seconds to load a 1MB page. This seems okay for the average blogger. However, for the business owner, this could lead to significant sales loss. Still, if you’re a business owner, there is a hosting for you. Just scroll down on this list.

They also offer various bonuses for each hosting like free Whois guard and SSL for an additional $1, which is very useful for boosting search ranking or looking reliable to consumers.


Affordable Web Hosting Package

2. GoDaddy

Many have complained so much about GoDaddy. However, my experience with GoDaddy was an extremely peaceful one. Except for that one time where they forced me to call them. Moving on, GoDaddy is extremely affordable. That is for the first 12 months. For the first 12 months, it cost only a tad bit more than 4 Malaysian McDonalds meals (~$10). After tasting comes to an unbearable aftertaste. You need to pay the price of 3 McDonalds meals (~$8) for a month of hosting. Meaning a total of 36 McDonalds meals not eaten per year, and I like to eat McDonald’s. However, when it comes to actual deliciousness, GoDaddy is very mediocre. Why did I use “However. They offer the same results of Namecheap, except add 0.3 to 1 more second.

They also don’t offer any type of additional bonuses like free SSL certificates or Whois guard. So when it comes to offering an affordable web hosting package, GoDaddy is okay or ‘Meh’.


Affordable Web Hosting Package

3. 1&1 Hosting

1&1 is a very good host. If it was a burger joint, it would be McDonald’s, expensive yet tasty. When it comes to 1st year $1 web hosting, nothing can beat 1&1. There are a number of good reasons to why I say 1&1 is a great host. They offer free SSL will many of their plans. They offer SSD storages that are actually speedy. Plus, they offer DDoS protection. I don’t know what the hell is that, but they have it. Plus, their initial or first-year price is extremely cheap. A price of 4 McDonalds meal to be exact (~$10). It may be the same as GoDaddy, however, you’re getting a lot more. If you go for the 24 McDonalds (~$60) meal package, you’ll also get free CloudFlare CDN, which costs $60 itself as an add-on.

When it comes to performances, 1&1 is a beast. Even without any CDNs, it’s page load time is under around 3 seconds. However, I did do the test on the WordPress hosting plan. In most hosts, the WordPress plan tends to be faster than the basic.Overall, 1&1 is a pretty good affordable web hosting package.
1&1 Hosting


Affordable Web Hosting Package

4. InterServer

InterServer is a hidden gem host. They look extremely shady on the outside, but in reality, they offer solid performances. InterServer doesn’t come with any perks. It doesn’t offer any free services or add-ons at low prices. What it does offer is an extremely low 1st-month price and an average recurring month price. Meaning a napkin ($0.01) for the first month and two McDonalds meal and a snack (~$5) for other months. However, unlike other hosts, InterServer really packs a punch. A test website I created loaded under 2 seconds. I don’t know about you, but that’s amazing to me.

I do have to warn you, they will do some shady stuff. First, many of the images they use are comped images. Second, they charge you a $1 on your card for verification for each transaction. However, they say that they’ll refund it and they did for me. So, Interserver is the “Meh” category when it comes to offering an affordable web hosting package.

Affordable Web Hosting Package

5. IPage Web Hosting

Warning/Disclaimer/⚠️. I tried IPage, I hate IPage, but you may like it.

IPage is extremely expensive right off the bat. They charge a McDonald’s meal (~$2.99) per month. Also, you only get that price if you purchase as a year. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the pop-up reducing the price by 4 nuggets ($1). However, let me tell you what you’re sacrificing if you buy their package. You can’t install custom cheap SSLs and you’ll have restricted access to how you want to configure your website. In short, it will ruin your life. The only thing you’ll have is slightly better load times (2.5 seconds). If you’re courageous enough to take the risk, click the banner below. What, I’m a shameless affiliate😁.
iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance


Affiliates live a shameless life. Also, I recommend Namecheap for beginner bloggers and personal/business websites. 1&1 for those who’ve gone intermediate. For professionals, I’ll tell you once I become one. Seriously, I don’t know what pros use. Maybe they use their own servers. Anyway, that’s all this list called “affordable web hosting package list“. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day. Byeeee👋.

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