Alison Courses Review

In the old days, learning took place in a physical classroom. This had many disadvantages. Here’s an example. People with disabilities will have a hard time when attending lessons. The lessons will also have pricey fees. However, the biggest disadvantage of physical learning is that it’s time-consuming. All of this changed when the era of the MOOCs started. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. During their launch, Alison was the most popular MOOC provider available on the internet. After some time, Udemy trampled it. However, Alison is still popular. However, can it meet your expectation? Let’s find out in this Alison Courses review.


Alison Courses Review


alison courses review

Alison Courses Review: Introduction

Alison was found on April 2007 by Mike Feerick in Ireland. Most of Alison’s courses are made by third-party publishers. Some of the publishers ask for no money in return, while others ask for a share of Alison’s revenue. Alison earns its money by selling certificates and displaying ads. Alison currently has over 750 courses. They range from academic to vocational topics. Alison’s number of students is growing the fastest in India. Alison has a current Alexa ranking of 7,060 globally and 3,535 in India.



Alison Courses Review: Course Quality & Content

Alison is known to have multiple complaints about its course quality. However, there is one factor to be considered when taking a course from Alison. That is your experience in the course at hand. Alison’s courses are designed for absolute beginners. Having even a little bit of experience ruins the fun. I took a course in customer service and it was awesome for two reasons. First, I was an absolute beginner. Second, I was trying to enjoy the course. You won’t be able to enjoy a course if you don’t try. I always take courses from different fields. I didn’t know accounting, so I took accounting. They either consist of slides, animations, videos, pictures, audio or any combination of the five. Alison claims that it’s normal courses would take 1-2 hour to complete, while 8-9 hours for diplomas. This is not true. Some normal ones take around a week to complete while some diplomas take only 1-5 hours.




Diploma Vs Normal

I highly prefer the diplomas. Mainly because these courses offer more value. I’ve taken many normal and diploma courses. It’s safe to say that normal ones are very low quality. Some IT courses teach almost nothing. They only teach the basics like using a mouse and booting a computer. However, diplomas offer at least high school level content. The Diploma in Customer Service was more in-depth. The course taught the different fields of customer service like hotel or restaurant. The certificates also differ among each course type. The diploma certificates look more elegant. However, the term Diploma could cause confusion in certain countries. In Asian countries, diplomas are similar to an associate’s degree. In UK, the term ‘Diploma’ is used for vocational certificates. Using the term ‘diploma’ on a regular certificate is legal. However, including these certificates in your CV might lower your employability rate in Asia.




Once all the units of a course are completed, you will be eligible to buy a certificate. The following list contains free online courses with certificate from Alison. Click here for this list. For others, you’ll have to purchase a certificate. You have the option of purchasing a PDF certificate, a parchment or a framed parchment. The certificate is definitely worth the money. It looks luxurious. It has micro print background and UV invisible ink for security. It also comes with a security code. This code can be entered at to verify the certificate. However, it’s employability worth is very little. Read below for more information. A little tip. Don’t laminate your certificate. It ruins the look of the certificate.



Are Alison diplomas recognised?

Alison is not accredited. This means that they’re not recognised. They’ve clearly mentioned this on their site. The reason is for this is because of the courses actually. Because of their third-party origins, it will be hard to get them accredited. An awarding body will accredit a course if it passes the quality check. This will be very hard for Alison. All of their courses only offer basic knowledge. Alison would also need a proctoring department as it’s a need to be accredited. Even now, there is no way to verify whether a person authentically finished a course or not. For an example, Person A would finish the course under the name of Person B. Overall, Alison’s certificates have a small employability rate.




1. Shaw Academy

The Shaw Academy is an accredited institution. They’re accredited by the CPD. Their courses consist of live lessons, assignments, and one final exam. They only offer PDF certificates. They offer diplomas in Digital Marketing, Photography, Personal Nutrition, and more. Their courses cost around $40. Compared to Alison, they offer more value. For my full review, click here.

2. Udemy

Udemy is very similar to Alison. Udemy has a larger collection of courses. This is because most of them are user-generated. They offer free PDF certificates upon completion. Unlike Alison, Udemy also offers paid courses.  Some paid courses from Udemy are made by big corporations or universities. Udemy is partially better than Alison. The reason is because that the free certificates are signature verified. Courses from Manipal Global will be signed by them. Currently, Udemy also offers college credit for some courses. For my full review of Udemy, click here.

3. UoPeople

UoPeople or the University of the People is the first online university to offer full tuition-free degree programs. There are some exams fees, though. They’re currently offering degrees in two fields. Those are business administration and computer science. You can pursue either an associate’s, a bachelor’s or, a master’s degree. Remember, you have to meet the general requirements to enter a course. They’re accredited DEAC. They’re also recognized worldwide.



Alison is a place to learn new skills, not to collect certificates. As mentioned above, it can also decrease your employability rate. I would only recommend buying the certificate if you desire it. Thank you for reading this Alison Courses review. Hope this Alison Courses review helped and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

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