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Okay, this is getting ridiculous. First, you give me a broad request. Now, you’re giving me a half-baked request. I’m like a Justin Bieber, being ” What do you mean?”. Am bored, are you trying to tell me that you’re bored. Or are you searching for an ampere that is boring? Be specific. I’m just going to assume that you were aiming to search for “I’m bored” but you forgot to type ‘I’ because you were too baked. Anyways, in this post, I’m going to give you some remedies to cure boredom and explain about boredom. Before that, I need some crack……ers.


I Am Bored


I just don’t know why I’m faceless.

What’s is Boredom?

According to Google Sensei, boredom is the state of being bored. Now that didn’t help did it. Okay, let me put it into my words. When you’re bored, you’re likely to care about nothing. So being bored is similar to your everyday state. Okay for real, one of the main causes for becoming bored is that lack of adrenaline use. I find that a good old use of adrenaline per week will keep the kingdom of bore away.

Another cause of boredom is that nothing interest you. If I were Indian (and yes, I am), I would force you to be interested in something, but since I’m not (not true), I’m going to ask you to soul search. What better way is there to find an interest than soul searching. Just don’t  end up in the cosmos. Another weird cause of boredom is tiredness. When you’re too tired, you’ll feel too bored. It’s the same vice-versa.



I killed a penguin and it felt so gracious.

Curing Boredom

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll have to find an interest to cure boredom. Technically, curing boredom means that you’re restoring its health. So from now onwards, we’re going to kill boredom. Finding an interest can be tough, especially if you’re sleepy all the time. An easier way to kill boredom is by convincing another emotion like joy or sadness to kill it inside your headquarters. What up ‘Inside Out’ reference. If you don’t know ‘Inside Out’, we can’t be friends and you can’t be alive. Okay, back to the point. Below are some interests that I recommend you to try to kill  or at least injure boredom.



I’m a playboy, I’ mean button, play button.

1) YouTube

You’ll know that YouTube is my solution to all problems, if you know me. If I’m sad, I watch YouTube or if I’m angry, I watch YouTube. Even when I’m hungry, I watch YouTube. So naturally, YouTube would be my solution to boredom. There are many videos on YouTube which are hilarious. Even if comedy isn’t your thing (Then, die), there are many other videos like DIYs, cooking tutorials, tech reviews, cow reviews, and even short films. I am bored and YouTube killed it. That doesn’t sound robotic at all. Making a YouTube video is a better way to kill boredom. It’s fun and you might be able to make some moola.



We’re going to hell

2) School

If you’re sleepy and a teen, chances are that you’re homeschooling. It was so boring when I was homeschooling. Nothing to do but waddle around a pig. No offense pigs, none taken human. I have a name, then so do we. I know that you’re homeschooling for a reason but have you ever reconsidered joining school again. If you’re sleeply too much, school might be the answer. Never thought I would ever say that. Must clean my mouth. If you don’t like school, try to take private exams like ‘O’ Levels or the IGCSEs. Then, enter college. College isn’t so bad for me. I actually love college. I



I’m a notepad. The notebook is my cousin.

3) Writing

Writing, an easy way to get rid of boredom. Write about something you’re passionate about Or I have something even better, create a book. I recently learned about the ‘Harry Potter’ book series’s origin. Remember, you’re hobby can be rewarding. Anyways, try to write about something, something you like. Or this is a great time to do some soul searching. Write conversationally, ask questions, try to answer them, become freaky. Anyways, writing a personal blog is a great way to kill boredom. Look at me, I’m not going to fall asleep at all.



Yes, my mom, Ariel had an affair with a vampire.

4) Explore

Exploring is a great way to kill boredom. You don’t necessarily have to become Dora the Explorer, but visit new locations. Visit your relatives, visit a zoo, visit a graveyard. If you have the courage, visit a graveyard is not a bad idea. It kickstarts adrenaline and you might become haunted. Just don’t pick a flowery, sunbathed graveyard. Visiting a theme park is also a great way to kill your boredom. It’s also a great way to kill your wallet. The beach, roller rink, or the playground is also a great and free way to kill boredom.


Am Bored

Get these notes away from my face, Sheesh.

5) Class/Lessons

Have you considered taking musical lessons, whether it’s playing an instrument or singing? You could also take art lessons like sculpting or painting. You can even take tailoring lessons. A wise man (That’s me) once said that passion keeps boredom at bay. Learning about what you’re passionate about helps get rid of boredom. I am sleepy but writing helps me to become not sleepy. English is not my first language. Darn, now I am bored and I am speaking dramatically.



I am bored, you are bored, we are all bored when it comes to Malay Teen. Dang, that hurts so much. I just did the ‘Roast Yourself Challenge’, except it’s on my blog. Anyways (My favorite word), to conclude, everyone gets bored, but if you get bored too much, then consult a doctor. Turns out I was mentally unstable, roaaaaaaaaad. Finally, disclaimer, I’m not a health professional, don’t listen to my advice, and don’t sue me. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice day. Byeeeeeeeeee!

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