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First of all, I would like to say that the reason why I think I’m crazy is not because I’m bipolar, or the fact I see hallucinations, or even the fact I’m going to be labeled mentally disabled. The reason is because…….. I’m pregnant. I’m just kidding you guys. (Person) No, you’re not. (Me) No, I’m not, I mean yes, I am. The real reason is the fact I’m considering writing a post or reply to, and I directly quote searched as “are you crazy are you out of your mind”. Yes, it’s a run-on sentence. I mean which sicko writes a run-on sentence not me. Anyways, since I have nothing else to do. Here are some reasons to why I’m crazy and out of my mind.


Are You Crazy Are You out of Your Mind | Yup


Reason 1: Baby Talk

I understand that one comes after zero. Get it, cause reason means to understand, and I said reason one, okay, nevermind. As I was Saying, many people ridiculed me so I changed my name to Salmenn. (Person) Yeah, that joke’s more horrible than your name. (Me) *Cries*. Anyways, I always talk in the accent of a baby. You know with their high-pitched voice and mumbled up words.

Not only do I talk like a baby, I act like a baby. I become a baby when I use a Baby accent. I eat baby food all the time. In fact, my mother would clean the curry out of chicken curry because…. wait, that doesn’t have anything to with my behavior, MOOOM! You know, there’s a logical explanation to why I act like a baby, it’s because I’m pregnant, I mean I’m crazy. Seriously guys, a doctor once asked my dad since your son a special child and he misunderstood ‘special’ in this situation and said ‘yes’.


Are You Crazy Are You out of Your Mind

Reason 2: I Do Crazy Stuff

Now, a word from our SEO, I mean CEO. Are You Crazy Are You out of Your Mind, that has been a word from our CEO. A good doctor will not label patients as mentally unstable with a good reason unless they’re mentally unstable. One of the biggest reasons to why I’m labeled mentally unstable is because I’m suicidal. At first, it was because I was sad, then it was for no reasons. I’d just loved to eat pills in bulk simply because. Sometimes, I do it because I wanted to get admitted to the hospital. You know, sleeping on a nice bed, enjoy the air-con, hey! don’t judge me. At least, I don’t smoke crack or weed, or do I.

Also, there’s the fact that I reply to crazy people’s searches like “Are You Crazy Are You out of Your Mind” (Searchers) Says the guy for replies to people like that. (Me) Ah….. No comment.


Reason 3: I’m Socially Awkward

Hang on a second. Wait, don’t hang on it since it can’t be touched, but wait for a second. (Second) Second has arrived, now what? Stop with the horrible puns. (Stop) I don’t have horrible puns. Okay, that’s it. (Okay) I already know ‘it’. Seriously, I got to get to the point. (Seriously) I’m not stopping you. (Seriously, Stop, Okay, Seriously) Fine, we’ll stop. (Me) I’m the one who said to stop, why are you talking to ‘Fine’.

Hah! I get the last pun. Anyways, another reason why I’m crazy is because I’m socially awkward. While kids my age are at school, I’m at college (Bragy). When kids go play football outside, I’m sitting alone in my room, combing my doll and chanting “My Precious”. When kids do hang out with me, instead of playing games with them, I sit apart from them, light a candle and then try to summon the serpent. Okay, I know, I know. I’m underexaggerating.


Reason 4: The Randomness

First, I’m talking about two types of randomness here. The first being me being random and the second is random stuff that makes me seem crazy. Without further ado, here’s the first explanation. I’m random all the time. When at class, I write down notes. Suddenly, I get up and leave for the bathroom. Then, I pee. Suddenly, I come to the classroom. What’s random in the scenario is that I usually pee in the toilet/restroom/washroom, not the bathroom. (Reader) Wait, aren’t bathrooms and toilets the same. (Me) No, they aren’t. That’s what my teacher said. You think she’s stupid. No, she’s an idiot. Is there a difference you ask? Well, being stupid is being stupid, it lasts momentarily, while an idiot is will stay stupid forever. Mind blown!!!!! Anyways, can you see how the topic changed from one to another? That’s how random I am.

Here’s the second type of randomness. No, I’m just kidding. You’re not gonna get. If you did, you won’t read it anyways cause it’s garbage. Also, I’m lazy and have already written 812 words. Now it’s 815 words. Okay, I’m gonna stop. (Okay) What are you gonna stop? (Me) Not, again. (Not) I ain’t happy to see you too. (Me) Okay, this is way too old. (This) You big meanie *cries*.



Why do I have to always give a conclusion? It’s not like this post has a point. It’s just trying to make you laugh and at the same time, make some moola. Anyways, I answered your question “Are You Crazy Are You out of Your Mind”, there, are you happy SEO, I mean CEO. Hit that 1+ button or share since it helps me become humiliated. Don’t you want me to become humiliated. Subscribe for more weird content. Okay, thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice year. This Malay Teen signing off and BOOOOOOOM! Byeeeeeeee!

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