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Don’t ask me about the title. I just needed something catchy so that you would click, I mean nothing. Anyway, many of us will have at least one dream. I’m not talking about your “unrealistic goals” dreams. I’m talking about “Dreams are a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep” dreams. Admit it, the adults of today almost have no “unrealistic goals” dreams and think that believing in your dreams are a waste of time. If you have a dream and you’re an adult, I salute you. Many adults think that life is a tragic one-way road and you have no other choice than to do your crappy job and die a horrible death. In fact, the only adults I know who believe in their dreams are YouTubers, and they’re half-kids, no offense. So, in today’s post, I’m going to be talking about believing in your dreams.

Warning, I mean not a medical expert and I’m in no position to tell to believe your dream, because, simply because. Believing in your dreams may have the following side-effects such as craziness, internal bleeding, tough-swelling, anal bleeding, anal leakage, relentless urination, and possibly death.


Believing in Your Dreams


1. It’s Kim Possible

Seriously, I’m not joking. Canned yams are tasty. Also, it’s completely possible to believe in your dreams. How you may ask. Well, with these simple steps, you’ll be believing in your dreams in no time. Step 1, get a Dreams, a UK mattress. Step 2, sleep on your Dreams and get an “unrealistic goals” dream. Finally, step 3, figure out ways to achieve your dreams. Voila, you’ve believed in your dreams. You’ve already started on through the transition from step 2 to step 3. Seriously, the only way to ever believe in something unrealistic or Kimpossible is to become more positive, and I can show how through this link. So, if you become more positive, life will seem at least 0.2% not bad and at greatest 2% not bad.


2. It’s Okay to Believe in Ridiculous Dreams

I had a childish dream once. I wanted to become a doctor. This was when I was 10 and didn’t know about the fees to become a doctor. As I grew up, I knew that this dream is ridiculous to believe in, but I still do believe in this dream. However, it’s not my main priority. I’m now following my more “sane” dream of becoming a male witch. I mean the chances of me becoming a witch is higher than me becoming a doctor. At least witch classes are free to participate. So, even if you have a ridiculous dream like becoming a doctor or a lawyer, don’t stop believing in it. It will happen, eventually. You just have to focus on your saner dreams first like becoming a witch or a werewolf, or even a vampire cause I’m not a racist.


3. Lucid Dream your Dreams

Okay, if you don’t know what lucid dreams are, wait….. according to Google, Lucid dreams are dreams where the dreamer knows that they’re dreams. This means that he….. or she, cause I’m not racist, will have full or partial control over the dream. So, if you wanna fly baby. Sorry, that’s inappropriate. So, if you wanna fly, baby, you could in your dreams. If you wanna ride a tiger and perform unspeakable acts with sailors, it’s possible in lucid dreams. You could even do the impossible in lucid dreams and become a doctor.

Lucid dreams are hard at first, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. I lucid dream like 5 times per week and it’s heaven. Also, your five senses become more active in Lucid dreams. I was sweating in my dream cause it was hot, I could feel the heat and the sweat dripping from my face. Anyways, read my full post about lucid dreams by clicking Lucid dream experience.



No matter, what post I’m writing. I will always have a conclusion. That’s my writing style, so what. Anyways, believing in your dreams is not Kimpossible. Living your dreams, that’s Kimpossible unless you’re living it in your lucid dreams. All jokes aside, *Jokes lining aside*, dreams are not impossible to reach if you put effort into making them your reality. From impossible dreams like becoming a doctor to easy dreams like becoming a cosmic entity, anything is possible if you believe and try. Now, I sound like an old person trying to help a suicidal young person. Anyway, thank you for reading. Share this post if you received anything from this, and please give it a +1 if possible. Have a great day and Malay Teen will see you in the next one, byeeeeeeee!

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