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Camellia sinensis, the key and sole ingredient to many delicious varieties of tea. Some of its popular flavors include black, oolong, and of course, green tea. The tea that skips out in the withering and oxidation process, green tea is famously known for its weight loss effect. Although green tea is one of the 5 best teas for weight loss, some studies show that Green Tea the weight loss varies per person. In the end, Green Tea does help with weight loss. Not only does it promote fat burning, it also has a wide number of other benefits. Today, we’re going to be talking about the benefits of drinking green tea. Do take note, the benefits listed here are all study-proven and you may find the references below.


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


Health Benefits

Before we dive into each health benefits of Green Tea. Let’s look at what makes Green Tea such an invaluable tool to health. Green Tea is loaded with catechins, polyphenols, and the powerful EGCG. EGCG is a very powerful at neutralizing harmful cells such as free radicals. It’s also very effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells and also killing them without harming good cells. It also lowers cholesterol level, LDL to be specific. Plus, it’s great at stopping abnormal blood clothing and heals various other types of minor circulatory system diseases. You know, Green Tea contains more EGCG than various other teas, and the reason for that is that they’re steamed instead of oxidized. There are even green tea pills that contain a higher EGCG ratio than normal pills.


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea <Cancer>

1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Anti-cancer properties are one of the greatest benefits of drinking green tea. Studies show that countries that consume green tea regularly like Japan tend of a lower cancer rate. The key element that allows green tea to be a great cancer stopper is 🥁🥁🥁 EGCG, but wait, there’s more. Other types of tea catechins, which are highly present in green tea, also helps fight cancer. Okay, we know that tea catechins stop cancer, but now let’s look at how it stops cancer. EGCG and other tea catechins stop/reduce the production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, which is thought to grow cancer cells, develop new cancer cells, and progress pre-cancer cells. While all tea catechins do this, EGCG takes this up a notch by disabling binding between two major types of cancer promoter agents and their receptors.

On a side note, some studies show that consuming green tea helps keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea <Skin>

2. Skin Treatment

While some ask does green tea cause acne, it actually helps fight acne. There are various skin benefits of green tea. Certain studies show that the polyphenol found in green tea modifies the biochemical pathways of inflamed cells, cell multiplication, and UV ray inflamed cells. Meaning it can aid in the process of curing the tissues of these cells. It also does the same with skin cancer cells. However, studies do show that the protective benefits of green tea in UV ray inflammation and skin cancer are mostly exhibited by mice models, while few by human models. There’s also another key component in green tea that treats skin problems. Can you guess what it is? 🥁🥁🥁 It’s EGCG again!? Studies show that EGCG reactivates dead skin cells. When the skin cells become dead and sit on the epidermis, waiting to retire, EGCG extends their contract. So skin treatment is definitely one greatest of the benefits of drinking green tea.


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea <Virus>

3. Virus Prevention

Surprising, the surprise ingrewho am I kidding, EGCG is very good at stopping the influenza virus from multiplying. This is true for all sub-types of influenza too. EGCG and its cousin ECG reduced the synthesis of viral RNA. Plus, it also prevents an agent that helps release viruses from cells


Benefits of Drinking Green Tea <Cholesterol>

4. Cholesterol Reduction

Green tea is very beneficial in the reduction of cholesterol. A study shows that 240 adults who took green tea pills with their meals regularly lost more than 15% of their LDL cholesterol level. Although the exact reason why green tea helps lose cholesterol isn’t found yet, it’s speculated that a secret ingredient reduces the absorption of cholesterol. Meaning lesser cholesterol in the body when it excretes cholesterol. Also, the secret ingredient is not EGCG, so it’s not the perfect antioxidant.

Anyways, a second study was conducted. This time, cholesterol reductions aren’t present. Clinical and demography-based studies also show different results. These studies show the green tea prevents artery narrowing diseases such as the coronary artery disease. Particularly, a Japanese study shows that green tea reduces LDL cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease. So, cholesterol reduction can be considered as one of the benefits of drinking green tea.



There also various other types of benefits of drinking green tea. For an example, it surprising beats HIV by keeping from attaching to various cells. If used as a diet, it also promotes thermogenesis, thus burning 4% more energy, leading to a massive 10 pounds per month loss. Of course, this was the result of a study. Plus, let’s not forget caffeine. A few cups of green tea gives the same boost as a cup of coffee and with additional benefits conveniently stated on this list. Of course, nothing is perfect. Fluorite in green tea could cause renal damage and the caffeine might also give you insomnia. The latter being a benefit to some. If you ask me on how much green tea should you drink, I recommend 8 sugar-less cups throughout the day for extreme weight loss. For me, the best way to drink green tea is actually through pill consumption. Two 500mg pills equal 8 glasses, easy-peasy. Anyway, thank you for reading and remember to snag a cup of Lipton to enjoy the benefits of great tea everyday.


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