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Journaling, do people still do that? Yes, what I’m doing or what I’m writing is considered journaling. There are two definitions of what a journal is. The first would be that it’s a collection of text entries of a specific subject, while the second are recorded entries of daily activities or also known as a diary. Do you know that an e-diary is also known as a blog? Do you also know that ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’? With that out of the way, I could tell you the benefits of journaling that I specifically experience because I journal a lot. Shall we begin?


Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling

1. Stress Relievement

I’ve recently written a post about activities that relieve stress. In that post, I’ve listed journaling’s parent category, writing. From a simple observation made by me, journaling reduced my stress level by at least 50%. Do bear in mind that I’m not a medical expert. However, those surrounding me have said the same thing. During the period where my hobbies consist of watching media, I had stressed more frequently. However, when I started journaling, I appeared much calmer. Stress was further reduced when I began video-logging. The process in video-logging helps in a way similar to therapy. When a person vlogs, they will likely talk to the camera as if it was a person. As everyone knows, talking about problems will help cure stress. However, the effectiveness depends on person to person.


Benefits of Journaling

2. Better Grammar (E-Journalists)

If you journal on a computer, you’ll likely do it in Microsoft Word or online. Either way, your editor program will have a spell or grammar checker. When you journal frequently, the checker will correct any mistake you’ll have. Even if you don’t memorize that mistake, you’ll keep doing and it will keep correcting it. Gradually, you’ll learn the mistake without effort since it will be done passively. My grammar has improved by at least 30% ever since I started journaling. However, I used a third-party program like Grammarly.



3. Faster Typing/Writing

As you write or type, you’ll become faster because you’re improving by each type or letter. If you type, your fingers will gradually begin to recognize where each key is. Next is that you don’t have to look at the keyboard when you type. When you write, I won’t say it’s because you’ll be familiar with the characters. Getting familiarized with characters could be done in a short period or almost instantly. However, your muscles up until your wrist will get stronger. When it does, you’ll be able to write faster and with shorter breaks. I write on a paper very seldom and I’m a slow writer. However, when it comes to typing, I’m fast as a roadrunner. If there is a bird like that.


Benefits of Journaling

4. Increased Intelligence

I won’t say that your IQ will increase as I studied somewhere that a person IQ will only grow a little once they’ve matured. When you start a journal, regardless of first or second definition, you’ll face some difficulties. Sometimes, you might need a word to describe something, but you don’t know it. When you look that word up, it will be saved in your brain. Plus, when you’re journaling or writing anything for that matter, your brain gets asked for information and then it sends it. Unlike hosting servers, our brain improves per download or upload. Again, I’m not a medical professional. However, it does sound like common sense.




5. Increased Mental Endurance

You might say that I’m crazy. However, this theory is my experience. My brain doesn’t easily get tired since journaling. However, this wasn’t the case before. My brain’s endurance began to improve as I’m constantly giving it work. It has to recall memory and then express it into words or sentences. Even when my eyes are like “Someone please, shoot me, just shoot me.”, my brain is like “Mhmm, no boys, you still have work”. Even now, my eyes would like a nap, but my brain feels fresh like orange juice.



These are only some of the benefits of journaling. There are many benefits of journaling. Some to state without explanation would be hand muscle improvement, eye muscle improvement, memory improvement, and finally references. That’s right, you have many references. If you journal like the second definition, you’ll have references to situations that you couldn’t remember. If you journal based on the first definition, publishing it might increase or start your reputation. My conclusion would be journaling is very beneficial. Thank you for reading, share to help some souls and I hope you’ll have a nice day.

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