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In one of our previous posts, we were discussing some ways to motivate positive thinking. In this post, we’re going to talk about the benefits of positive thinking. There are many than you think. Most think that there are zero, but in reality, there are at least five. First, why is positive thinking so important. If you don’t think positively at all, you’ll end up smoking crack at a lone corner at any party. Willoughby from “Don’t trust the b.tch at apartment 23” is a great example. So, to further motivate yourself, read some of the benefits listed. If not, I don’t know.

Benefits of Positive Thinking


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1. Increased Intelligence

This may be a scientific claim. However, I don’t have the research to prove it. So, we’re going to talk in theory. Positive thinking will help increase your IQ in many ways. First, it will help increase IQ by relieving stress. Stress is one the main elements that clog a brain. If your brain is clogged, you’ll think less clearly, which results in temporary IQ decrease. Second, if you keep on thinking the negatives, you’ll develop stress and brain power is wasted on unnecessary goods. These thoughts are doing no good, plus if your brain is overworked, you will display decreased performance. The same logic goes for computers.


Benefits of Positive Thinking

2. Increased Happiness

We all know that this was already going on the list. If you keep on thinking the positives, you’ll see nothing but the bright side of the world. So naturally, you’ll be happy all the time. Logically speaking, one cannot always think about the positives. However, when faced with a problem, it helps to think the positives. There might be one good thing in a bad apple that might cheer you up greatly. For an example, you could have bought the apple from Snow White’s stepmom. See, you saved your life. Remember, increased happiness leads to a better mind, in return, leads to a longer life. None of this is supported by research.



3. Boost in Energy

At this point, I have to mention that all benefits in this list are not a direct product of positive thinking, it’s a by-product. From an example, positive thinking increases brain power by reducing workload and increasing happiness. With the extra brain power, well, you have more to spend on other activities. For an example, once I stop thinking about every little criticism, I will reduce stress. Two brain-clogging performances stopped. Now, I’ll think positively. One brain-clogging performance active, while one brain-defragmenting process (Happiness) is also active. Less work, more resources, more activities I could do on my PC (brain).



4. Ethical Work Performance

Positive thinking will help a lot in most professions unless you’re a critic or a lawyer. These jobs require critical thinking. So, thinking positively will not only help you focus on your task at hand, but will help handle problems when they come up at work. Combining all three pre-mentioned benefits will result in ethical work performance. Increased IQ to solve problems, increased happiness to increase work annoyance tolerance, and increase energy for that annoying all-nighters. Yes, those annoying all-nighters. Anyways, replace “positive thinking” with “dream” and it will all make sense. Will it?



5. Will to Live

I said I’m giving you five, so I’m giving you five. For real, though, from my experience, one of the best benefits of positive thinking is that it gives you the will to live. Before I met my positive thinking guru, I was like “I’m bored, maybe I should kill myself”. Then, I was like “What’s the point in living. Maybe I should grab some pills.”. Then, after my positive thinking transformation, not only did I rid the urge to kill myself, I killed boredom. Yeah stabbed it in the chest, it felt so great. I found a dream and my drive all thanks to positive thinking.



Positive thinking changed my life in many ways, it gave me a dream and the drive for the dream to be specific. Now, let it change your life. Take the first step by reading my post on positive thinking techniques. I think that’s all the benefits of positive thinking. If you know some more, please do comment. If this post helped you in any way or not, please share it. Subscribe for more greadiculous content. Finally, I hope you have an awetastic day and thanks for reading.

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