Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEO, the beach of the internet. She’s always beaching around with all her needs. Content must be written for humans, not for humans, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, do you have a WordPress blog? If not, why are you reading this? Do you need a plugin that will magically rank you to first place (You wish)? Then you’ll need SEOPressor. Wait! Don’t leave yet. I know some of you might have already heard about SEOPressor and how affiliates brainwash people to buy them. I’m not (Yes, I am) trying to brainwash you to buy the plugin. Just read my review/experience and decide whether it’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress or not.

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress


Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

My First Impressions

Garbage, my first impressions were garbahge. If you don’t know, I’m a Malaysian and if you don’t know again, SEOPressor’s founder, Daniel Tan is also a Malaysian. As a fellow Malaysian, I can tell the characteristics of our ethnicity. We’re smart, we’re cheats, and we’re also great scammers. So naturally, I thought Daniel Tan (No offense) was also trying to cheat people by offering a new and much-demanded product. Of course I bought the product before knowing its founder. So, my first impressions of using it were also terrible. It was extremely glitchy. However, it was still useable. It turns out that only my blog had these problems. Others were using it glitch-free. Anyways, the next section is about the features. Continue to “My Last Impressions” for the final verdict.




1. LSI Keywords

This is one of the most amazing features available on SEOPressor that makes it the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Since Google released its Hummingbird update, keyword density’s importance has lowered massively. Instead, Google now favors LSI keywords. What are LSI keywords? According to Google sensei, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. I know right, who gets this fancy mumbo-jumbo. In simpler words, LSI keywords are keywords/phrases that are relatable to your original keyword. For an example, I’m writing for the keyword ‘Pie’. If I include “Pie recipes” in my post, it will rank better for pie recipes queries. If I include “Pizza pie” in my post, I will rank better for restaurants offering pizzas. Anyways, it is a very useful feature, however, there is a free tool out there online. Click here for the free LSI keyword tool generator.

2. Optimization Tools

SEOPressor has optimization tools which are more enhanced that free tools. Unlike Yoast which plays it safe, SEOPressor finds out the correct optimization ratio for each post. It analyzes the post and then recommends the correct amount of images, links, bolding, underlines, heading, etc. Plus, it can also detect over-optimization. Over-optimization leads to a penalty from Google. If your post is over optimized, it gives you a red warning. Strangely, the hover text of the red warning sign is “hello word”. Just as it can detect over-optimization, it can also detect poor optimization. Red suggestions are important, yellows are mildly important, while greens mean that you’ve corrected it.

3. SemantiQ Density Checker

This tool is the reason why I think that SEOPressor is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. The SemantiQ density checker is not your average keyword density checker. It checks out the number of times each word in the keyword/phrase is used. Plus, it also checks out how many LSI keywords are used. Finally, it can analyze up til 3 keywords. This tool can really help in detecting over-optimization. One of my posts were over optimized for the keyword I chose. Anyways, it’s a great feature which can’t be found anywhere.

4. Social Optimization & Core

SEOPressor also has the ability to optimize your posts for social platforms. Unoptimized posts would look ugly when shared. That’s why SEOPressor gives you the ability to customize your thumbnail, descriptions, author’s/publisher’s name, and much more. However, it’s only available for FaceBook and Twitter. Next, we have is rich snippets. SEOPressor gives you the ability to add your name and picture to your search result snippet. It also allows you to add a rating bar for reviews. It is a lovely feature that makes you stand out in the search results page.



My Last Impressions

After optimizing my posts, their rank went up by at least 30% to 40% percent. Yes, I said percent while typing ‘%’. Don’t judge me. Anyways, I’ve stopped using SEOPressor, but not because it was good. It’s because of religious reason. I feel that God says I won’t improve if I use this plugin. Some people are like “So it doesn’t matter if we don’t improve.” Anyways, this is just my recommendation. If you also think that SEOPressor is the best SEO plugin for WordPress, leave a comment below. Like this post, I mean it won’t hurt you. It may hurt your social life. Like because you love me. Anyways, it time for this adolescent to pop some pimple. Good Baaaaaaaaaaai.SEOPressor FB Mobile Ad

By the way, if you’re going to buy SEOPressor, the best SEO plugin for WordPress, please use my link. You know the link below this text. I mean you’re probably thinking “How dare he asketh of me to click his link. I didth not even didth many worketh.” Listen, I also purchase this product through an affiliate. In the end, we’re all going to become affiliates. So, it’s better to help each other. So whaddya say, cheesecakes. (Your reply) Cheesecakes.


Best SEO Plugin for WordPress
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Best SEO Plugin for WordPress
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