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Blogging, the world’s most commonly used occupation. Even if you don’t blog, you might use Google and Google automatically creates a blog for every person. Even in the current era, many people don’t realize the full potential of blogging. In my country, there is a small number (very small) of bloggers that blog on a daily basis but don’t harness its money-making capability. On the other hand, many people on the outskirts of Asia focus too much on making money that they forget to enjoy blogging. Blogging can be very hard, but it’s enjoyable and profitable. In this post, I’m going to give some blogger tips. This isn’t specifically for Bloggers, it can be also used for WordPress and other bloggers.


Blogger Tips


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What Type of Blogger Are You?

Before I can give any customized tips, I need to know what type of blogger are you? There are two main types, the life blogger, and niche blogger. The life blogger mainly blogs everything in their life. From what they wear till when they sleep. The life blogger’s main priority is letting their subscribers know how their day was. Chances are that these bloggers are already famous in social media. These bloggers are fewer in number, but their vlogger counterparts are in a huge swarm of numbers. Next is the niche blogger. You’re probably this type of blogger. Niche blogger, well, blog posts regarding a niche. For those who don’t like Google Sensei, niche is like a small market/category which hasn’t been exploited yet. For example, health blogs, blogs for bloggers, tech blogs, infomercial blogs, trendy blogs, shady blogs, or even blogs related to cheese. These blogs will mostly contain posts regarding their niche. These blogs mainly get their traffic from subscribers and search engines. I, however, am a different blogger. I blog whatever I want. You can see on my website that I have various posts. Once you know your blogger style, you can find blogger tips here, which is suitable for you.



Tips to Brainstorming

For life bloggers, skip this part as it’s not necessary. For niche blogger, brainstorming is the hardest part in writing a post because it’s the first step. A wrong move can literally waste your efforts and time. Even before writing, you’ll have to come up with a topic. You’ll have to make sure that the topic has a decent amount of traffic. However, you’re not some SEOptician to find out the traffic of a topic, or are you? Anyways, you’ll need some sort of tool to find out the traffic level of topics. This is where Google Trends comes in. Just put your topic title into Google Trends and find out its popularity. Some have zero level while others have a very high level. If you have the money, you could also use Google’s Keyword Planner. Another place where you could get information on keywords is WordStream. They have many tools which help find the perfect title. There’s a suggestion tool, niche finder, negative keyword tool and much more. All of these tools are free to use, but they have limitations. For instances, you could only use it up until 30 times and some info is blocked. After you find your topic, you’ll have to brainstorm the content. This is fairly easy if you know about what you’re writing. If you don’t know, it’s better to leave that topic and find a new. Still, you could do some researching. Don’t copy or rewrite other’s work, even in different words. Instead, summarize on what they’ve written and see if they’ve missed something. Then, after you’ve completely done research, write the body content. This way, you won’t passively write other people’s content. For the conclusion, keep it short and simple. Summarize on what you’ve written. If your keyword is a question, give the answer. Ask them (audience) to subscribe and thank them for reading.



Tips for Content

We’ve already discussed on how to write the content, now let’s go over some content blogger tips. It’s always better to start with an introduction. As they taught me in college, your hook (beginning sentence) is very important. It’s the one that hooks your audience with your content. It’s basically like your middleman, wing man or any other type of ‘Mama’ as they say in Tamil. However, the transition plays a bigger role in attracting your audience. If the second sentence isn’t as pretty as the first, then your audience will leave, just like a remarried husband. For each paragraph, make sure that there is a heading. For a standalone paragraph, I recommend the H3 Heading tag. For sub-paragraphs, H4 heading is much more suitable. A tip for WordPress users, use a theme which has typography setting. Then, set the font size to 16. It’s a little easy on the eyes. Increase the line height by 50% or set it at 1.5 REM. For font style, set it to Open Sans. Other fonts may be pretty, but they’ll rot your eyes. For each 100 words, setting a picture will attract more audience. Finally, before publishing a post, preview it and check for errors.



Tips for SEO

You’ll need to SEOptimize your website to make sure it ranks well on Google. The plugin, I would normally suggest is SEOPressor since it has many features. However, my religion tells me not to use it, I’m serious. So instead, I use Yoast’s SEO for WordPress. It’s free. Sorry Bloggers, there’s literally no plugin you could use for SEO since Blogger doesn’t support it. Instead, you can open a (sub-domain) website and install Yoast there. Then, you could transfer content from there to Blogger. I feel like I’ve given few Blogger specific blogger tips so far. After, you’ve installed Yoast, just follow its instructions. It’s so simple, just write and correct the mistakes stated in the box below. There are three mistake levels. Red means major problem, yellow means minor problem and green means okay. Another reason on why I have stopped using SEOPressor is because it’s too glitchy. If you want to use SEOPressor, I think you might love it. It has an LSI keyword tool. It can detect over optimization, hence the name Opressor. It also has many other SEO tools. However, it’s not free. You’ll have to pay $9 per month. You also have to make sure that your post’s title has a H1 tag attached to it. If Blogger, no need to check as it does have an H1 Tag. If WordPress. Go to the theme editor and then content.php. Rename the <H2/3/4/5/6> tag to H1 if not already done. Next, you’ll have to install SEO Friendly Images. Again, this step is only for WordPress. It helps by optimizing all images for search engines. Another place which has awesome free SEO tools is This will work for both Bloggers and WordPress bloggers. Just register and follow its direction. It has a section for beginners and experts. And trust me, the experts section is very hard to understand.




You’ll need to add a sitemap of your blog to Google Webmasters if you want your site to be crawled. But first, register for a Google Webmasters account. The method for Bloggers and WordPress bloggers vary significantly. First, I’ll show you the method for Bloggers. First, link your Google Analytics account to Blogger. Make sure that you use the same account that you used with Google Webmasters. Then, add your blog as property. Verify your blog using analytics. Afterwards, go to sitemaps under crawl settings. Place this url (atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500) and click add, that’s all. Find your sitemap link in Yoast’s sitemap settings. Then, repeat the above steps. However, you don’t need to link analytics and use your sitemap link than the url above.



Tips for Monetizing

One of the must have blogger tips if you don’t want to waste money. If you’re a Blogger, using AdSense will be easier. For WordPress bloggers, getting approved by AdSense will be hard. So, you can use the following platforms. Number one, PropellerAds. PropellerAds has one of the most decent CPM/CPC rates. I’ve made more money there than Chitika. Second, the CTR is even higher as they’re pop-under ads. Number two, PopAds. The reason on why I’ve picked PopAds as second is because of their low payment threshold. Five dollars is the minimum, so it’s perfect for small bloggers. Finally, we have is Chitika. The reason on why Chitika is the final is because my application was approved after a year, that’s right a year. Sitting in a class, suddenly receiving a random email saying you’ve been approved. I was like “what the cheese?”. Some you might be wondering about RevenueAds. RevenueAds will massively drop your traffic, their ads are very obnoxious. A pop up comes whenever the page is refreshed.



Resources for WordPress

I’m sorry Bloggers, I don’t have a section dedicated to you. This is ironic since this post is about blogger tips. Some useful plugins for WordPress are Ultimate Social Media Icons, Google Analytics by Monster Insights, Autoptimize, Imagify, and Quick Adsense. The first plugin helps by adding social buttons and you can even create a popup. The second links Google Analytics to your blog. Unlike most similar plugins, this will not track your own views. The third optimizes HTML, Javascript, and CSS of your website. The forth compresses images of your website. The fifth and final allows you to add ad codes and other codes to your website. It also has the function to turn codes into widgets.




Finally, one the very helpful blogger tips. You’ll need to use proper royalty-free images on your website. If you use copyrighted images, chances are that you’ll lose your website one day. It’s okay to use images for fair purposes, such as writing a review. You’ll need a clear picture to illustrate the item that is being reviewed. However, to be safe, I use royalty-free images only. Buying images can be expensive, so I use PixaBay. PixaBay has a huge inventory of free images. If you find their services to be helpful, please donate to them.



That’s all the blogger tips I have. If you have any questions or blogger tips of yourself, leave a comment below. If you like this article, please share it as it will help a ton. As for the cookie, I’ve already given it to you. The browser cookie. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

Blogger Tips | Tips for Bloggers
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Blogger Tips | Tips for Bloggers
Everyone has a blog, especially those with a Google Account since it comes with a pre-made blog. In this post, I will be giving you some blogger tips.
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