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Blogging, one of the weirdest things that became a reality. It all started as an online diary. The idea of putting your diary online would rather make you feel embarrassed than proud. However, it did become a popular trend and now, it’s also a popular job. There are many people online who blog for a living. Just like there are YouTubers, there are also Bloggers. Bloggers as in people who blog on Blogger. Remember, this guide is intended for both Bloggers and WordPress Bloggers. You should already know what guide this is, this is a guide to blogging for money. Before we start this guide, let’s look on what is blogging.

Blogging for Money



I don’t know why I don’t have a face.

What is Blogging

For starters, a blog is an internet log. The word ‘blog’ actually came from the word ‘weblog’. In the early days, online blogs were known as online diaries. Bloggers were called online diarists. To think that there was such a time and name. Then, Pyralabs created Blogger and the world of blogging changed. Anyone could now easily have a blog. However, the number of blogs increased dynamically after Google acquired Blogger. Do you know the reason, hehe? It’s because every Google user automatically gets their own blog. The same thing happened to Google+. Finally, to answer the given question, blogging is the process of creating a blog post. Now that we know that, we will be looking at some criteria’s for a blog to achieve before making money.



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There are many criteria available before blogging for money. One of them is having no scam, illegal, gambling, and mature content on your website. If you do have, then you’ll have to use some lower level advertisers to make money. Advertisers like Google AdSense, Chitika or Referral Programs won’t accept your website. Remember, leaving outgoing links to illegal sites like game/software/video pirating sites is considered to be illegal and spam. The other vital criterion is that you have enough traffic. Making money from 2000 to 3000 views is almost impossible. Make sure that you built your traffic to at least around 10,000 views per month. I let you on a little secret, I’m also a hatchling. By the time you read this, this post might already be 2-5 years old. Now, that you know the criteria, I now announce you, husband and wife. Wrong line, it’s time to look at some ways to blogging for money.


blogging for money

I’m so happy cause I have a cent.

Making Money Blogging



Hi, I’m Google and I have a blue pupil and a multi-color iris.

1. Google Adsense

So far, this is everyone’s favorite advertiser. You know, except for us hatchling. Google denies almost every new blog. I’ve checked their criteria, having good traffic is one of them. A fellow blogger said that they prefer websites with an Alexa rank of 400,000 and below. For me, that’s currently impossible. However, if you are above this rank, you can gladly apply. Once you registered for Adsense, you’ll love it. It currently has the highest money per view ratio. If you’re a Google Blogger, getting Adsense is easy. You’ll just have to wait a few months.



I may look like a missile, but I’m a blue crayon wearing a skirt.

2. PropellerAds/PopAds

As I said earlier, there are many bloggers of the dark, also known as illegal bloggers. Although there’s nothing wrong with, many advertisers ban illegal bloggers. Luckily, PropellerAds and PopAds is here to help. Many illegal bloggers like pirating sites and manga sites use these advertisers to meet their monetary needs. As or as not the name says, these advertisers mainly specialize in pop-under ads. This ads pop-under the screen, so the chances of your visitor pogo sticking are low. PopAds specializes in many ads, they serve ads to all types of illegal content. Gambling, scam, money-making scam, dating, pirating, mature, and much more. PropellerAds, however, is much more refined and professional. They might even ban you after awhile.



I’m an ad for sunglasses. My mom is proud.

3. RevenueAds

RevenueAds is like PropellerAds and PopAds. They both allow illegal content. However, RevenueAds specializes in many ad sizes. You go footer, banners, popup ads, etc. They also have various other options. Compared to PropellerAds and PopAds, RevenueAds offers a low CPM/CPC rate. Now that’s a lot of ads. RevenueAds’ minimum payment threshold is $20. RevenueAds might seem great on the outside, but they have a big drawback. Most of their ads pop up when the page refreshes, loads, or unloads. This will likely create pogo sticking or bouncing in your website. They also have a referral program. I said no spoiling the milk.



I cut my hand off and now I’m shaking it. Look 500 euros.

4. Referral Programs

Here’s how referral programs work. You put a link to your site. A visitor clicks on your link. A visitor buys something from referred website. You’ll receive a commission for the purchase. Referral programs can make a lot of moola if the blogger knows what they’re doing. Of course they know what they’re doing. I meant if they know how to market their referral link in the right way. Unlike advertisers, you won’t get paid per view or click. Instead, you’re paid per sale or lead. (V) That’s obvious and I’m baaaack. (S) Can it! The hardest part of joining a referral program is getting accepted. Another hard part is choosing a referral program. (V) Quit acting like a girl. (S) NO, NO, NO, NO.



Chains…………….. The meaning of life.

5. LinkBucks and Others

Again popular with the miners, I mean illegal bloggers. Again, no offense scammer who is trying to get a backlink from me. I’m saying this towards a specific person, not generally. So honestly, I mean no offense.  LinkBucks is basically an advertiser. Here’s how it works. You shorten a link. Someone clicks on that link. You’ll get paid per click. It’s basically manual CPC. Not only is it great among illegal bloggers, it can be also used with blogs that have a lot of external links.



That’s all for this post. I’ll update this post if blogging for money actually became a real thing for me. Anyways, leave a comment below on your way to blogging for money. Thank you for reading, I’m going to bed now. Subscribe and share for more posts. Thank you for reading (Wait, I already said that) and I hope that you’ll have a nice day. Byeeee!

Blogging for Money | $O$
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