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The brain, what a wonderful device. It’s capable of many fascinating things. For an example, thoughts, emotions, controlling body parts and generating boring ideas like this one. Our brain, if I’m not stupid has over around a trillion neurons. Guess what, I am stupid. An average person has around 100 billion brain neurons. An average person’s memory capacity is estimated to be similar 1 to 1000 terabytes of computer storage. If we have that much memory, we can probably muster an idea or two. In this post, we will be going through some ideas on brainstorming ideas. Ironic, isn’t it?

To enjoy this article fully, imagine me in the voice of a YouTuber.


Brainstorming Ideas



Why Do You Need an Idea?

Without knowing the reason, I can’t give you a proper technique. Even with a reason, I can’t can guarantee it will work. First, is it for academic purposes? If so, I can give you four obvious methods that I learned from college. Second, is for an online article? If so, I can give you some tools which can be used to find a popular topic. Third, is it for commercial purposes? If so, sorry bro, I can’t help you there. I barely have a business of my own, wink (2x). Now, let’s move on for each reason and move on with our life.




Brainstorming Ideas

1. Personal Inventory

The first technique I was taught is ‘personal inventory’. That’s just a fancy term for thinking. First, make a quick list of all your experiences, interests, hobbies, skills, beliefs, deaths, etc. Then, generate a specific idea from it. They also told me to get feedback from friends. I can’t believe that mom paid 1000’s of dollars on this crap and me.



2. Clustering

The second method to brainstorming ideas is a bit uncommon, it’s called clustering and it has no relationships between claustrophobia, maybe? First, draw nine columns, labeling each people, places, things, events, processes, concepts, natural phenomena, problems, and policies. That’s a mouthful. You know who else is a mouthful, chipmunks! Nobody, never mind. Then, specifically write 5 ideas into each category. Then, pick some potential topics. Pick a topic and think of the first thing that comes to your mind. Keep repeating until you find a satisfying topic. Basically, clustering is the student version essay of personal inventory. It’s only filled with 100 words of ideas, so it was stretched with random words to reach the 300 words threshold.



3. Reference & Internet Research

Okay, this is just stupid. Who teaches students to get ideas from the internet. We basically steal everything from the internet. From assignments to pirated content. I mean we students could give a one hour lecture on how to research the internet. Plus, they have the obesity to tell us to do research at the library. Who do they think we are, them in their 20’s. Adults are so weird. Now excuse me while I post a picture of a cheesecake.


Online Article



1. Google Trends

The best non-commercial place to copy, I mean brainstorming ideas. There are two popular ways in which you could use Google Trends. Number 1, look and analyze the trends. (V) Like that wasn’t obvious. (S) What, I’m running low on original ideas. But for real, you could literally find the perfect topic on Google Trends. Something that everyone searches for but isn’t exploited like me. (V) Yeah, you wish. (S) I hate you (V). I found many of my article ideas on Google Ideas. But then, I moved on just like all my past relationships. (V) You’ve never dated anyone. (S) Zip it (V), I mean your pants. I found Google’s Keyword Planner to be much more helpful. Ugh (3x), no spoiling the milk this time.



2. Google’s Keyword Planner

For all the cheesecakes, I mean cheapskates, there is a way to get Google’s Keyword Planner for free. Woah that a mouthful, let’s just call GKP. Step one, register a campaign. Then, pick a keyword that no one will ever search for. They give you the option to check the monthly traffic of a keyword. Set the bid as low as possible. I mean my grades low. This way, the chances of it being clicked is low. So, you might also have to pay when someone clicks on it. (V) Technically, that isn’t free. (S) Who cares about the small details.



These are some the ways to brainstorming ideas. Hope you guys and gals liked this post. Subscribe for more posts like this. Share this post, I mean it won’t hurt. It might kill your social status, that’s all. Anyways, leave a comment below of your fantastic ideas. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice day. Byeeeeee!

Brainstorming Ideas | Brain Art
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Brainstorming Ideas | Brain Art
There are many ways to brainstorming ideas. It can be hard or easy, fun or boring. It this article, we will be talking about how to brainstorm ideas.
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