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There’s a big debate over about how Chitika and AdSense are long time rivals. Of course, AdSense always wins the fight. Chitika tries it’s very best to offer attractive rates and Google. Well, it’s killing the competition. There are other competitors like Revenuehits, PropellerAds, etc. But the spotlight always shines exclusively at these two So, will Chitika turn the tides and defeat its rival. Well, let’s find out in the review match of Chitika Vs AdSense.


Chitika Vs AdSense



1. Getting Approved

Let’s start with the champion. As we all know, AdSense is a Google company. While registering for almost any Google account is easy, registering for an AdSense is harder that walnut. First, you’ll need to have a top-level domain. This means anything but a sub-domain. Second, it must be at least 6 months old. Third, it must have a Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Contact/About Us page. After passing this, you’ll have to pass the main goal, quality check. If your website isn’t good enough, you’ll be rejected. Luckily, you can apply again. Do take note that hosted AdSense (YouTube, Blogger) accounts are approved instantly.

2. Ad Configuration

You have ultimate customization of the ads. You can make it text-only or switch to animation. Also, you can change the colour, colour theme, and font. The best part about AdSense’s ads is that they adjust according to your website. There’s a setting that adjusts the size of your ad according to space it’s at.

3. Earnings

Earnings at AdSense are above average. My earnings total exceeds my earnings total of Revenuehits, PropellerAds, Chitika combined. Also, this is solely based on my YouTube account. The other platform earnings are based on my website, which has a higher traffic than my YouTube account.




1. Getting Approved

Chitika approval procedures are a mystery. I assume that they only follow the main goal of AdSense. I was applying for Chitika when it was 2015. After applying, I received no email. Nothing for so many days. If I try to register again, they say I’ve already applied. Suddenly, in 2016, Chitika sends me an email approving my application. If memory serves, it’s been exactly 1 year since I’ve applied when Chitika approves my application. I don’t know whether this is a standard procedure or not, so it may vary for you.

2. Ad Configuration

Chitika has almost all of the settings that AdSense use, except for automatic sizing. It allows you to change the colour of text. Make it text-only or animation. Plus, there are more pre-made sizing options in Chitika. However, automatic sizing is still a big advantage to Chitika. However, Chitika has one advantage. They don’t limit you to three ads per page, which Google does.

3. Earnings

Absolutely terrible. The earnings at Chitika are so low, that I haven’t even earned $1 yet. Sometimes, I would earn $0.02 cents, while most of the time I earned zero. The earnings are even better at Revenuehits. Also, tracking of the earnings seemed very slow. I don’t know what happened to Chitika, but they won’t be able to new publishers with their current rates.


Chitika Vs AdSense

Chitika Vs AdSense Results: Google Won

Chitika has no chance of winning against AdSense. As long as Google dominates the search engines, AdSense will always offer better rates. So, that’s the end of the Chitika Vs AdSense match. If you liked this match, then check out this post on blogging. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.


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