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Malaysia, it was a wonderful country. I don’t know the state of Malaysia during the rule of the British. However, Malaysia’s current status has worsened too much since it’s independence. There are many issues facing Malaysia today. Almost all of them are caused by a certain someone. I doubt that these issues will be solved while he/she stands. Any Malaysian or knowledgeable foreigner would already know who I’m talking about. So, let’s talk about the current issues in Malaysia.


Current Issues in Malaysia


Current Issues in Malaysia

1. Economy


This part has been changed from GST to economy because GST is not one the current issues in Malaysia. Whether or not people believe it or not, GST has contributed a lot to the country. Most ethical shops have reduced prices of certain items after a year of using GST. As mentioned in the news, GST is also used to cut the costs of manufacturers. However, even with the help of GST, Malaysia’s currency value is steadily decreasing. I remember around 2014, the conversion rate of 1 USD to RM would equal to an amount around RM3.5. Now, at the beginning of 2017, the USD/MYR rate is around RM4.5. An increment of RM1 might not seem a lot. However, imported items, especially from western areas will cost a lot more. Maybe at times like this, we need Trump in our country.


2. Employability

Employability, I’m not specifically pointing this towards one race because everyone these days has trouble finding work, whether you’re a Malay, Chinese, or Indian. The problem might lie within many things. It could be because the population is too big or because the are lesser new private employers. Whatever, the reason may be, many Malaysians are still unemployed. However, looking at end of 2016. There were many job vacancies accross the streets. Maybe employabilty won’t be an issue in 2017.



3. Racism

Racism is still a big issue in Malaysia. However, it is not Malaysia which is a racist country, but the government who governs over Malaysia. They give attention to one race only. In turn, this fuels anger in other races. However, most Malaysians still live in harmony. I’m not saying that the current government is bad. It’s just the way they position themselves among the citizens. They spout words of Malaysia being a united country with them discriminating which may cause a mutiny. If the government doesn’t take a new approach, maybe the racism of our country will never stop. Again, I mean no offense. Finally, I wish all a happy and wonderful new year.



4. Education

The education level of Malaysian children has dropped so low. During my sister’s time, 7 out of 120 students can score straight A’s. Now, that figure has dropped to 1 out of 120. The drop in educational level could be caused by many things. From my personal experience, it’s due to lousy parenting. These days, parents don’t take the time to assess their child’s educational progress. My time, my father always checks our homework. Another reason is due to the naivety of children. They don’t take the time to think about their future. They just want to have fun. So, when they come of working age, they won’t know what to do. Finally, another reason is because of media. The actors and actress of today’s era are a bad influence on the younger generation. Without proper supervision, our kin might follow famed people blindly.



5. Heat

As of 2017, heat still is a great issue in Malaysia. As more factories release smoke and the more items we burn away, the ozone becomes thinner. The thinner it becomes, the hotter Malaysia becomes. It not at the level were you get heat strokes. However, at times, the heat will become unbearable. This will prove to be an issue with construction works and buildings without proper ventilation.


There are many other current issues in Malaysia, but these seem more important. Leave a comment below if you know other Malaysian crises. Share this as it will help me a lot. Share it man, I begging you. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.


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