Dealing with Loneliness

I may be born into a loving family, but I grew up to be very antisocial. Even now, I have many people in my circle who I could call friends. We share the same interests. We have similar personalities. However, my antisociality prevents us from becoming best friends. However, do I feel lonely? No, I don’t. Many things contribute to my positive personality. It could be my meds or my source of positivity. In this post, we will be looking at the definition of and some ways on dealing with loneliness.

Dealing with Loneliness



What is Loneliness?

Like I always say, a word can have many definitions. According to Google, Loneliness is defined as sadness due to lack of friends or isolation. For me, it more complex. I feel that Loneliness is a term that is used when one is filled with emotional void. According to Abraham Maslow (Psychologist), emotional support is third in the hierarchy of needs. Since ’emotional support’ is too long to read, we will be calling it Agape. Agape means love for everyone in French, sorry Greek. So now that we know the cause of loneliness, we can continue with the sources of Agape. Agape can come from many things. Two popular types of Agape are from real and fictional people. Now, we can continue on dealing with loneliness.




As mentioned earlier, fictional people can also fill the void of Agape. By watching a couple of movies, your void might be filled. I find that watching cheezy movies about friendship is more effective than watching a random genre. Beware, this technique can also backfire. If you feel too lonely, this technique might actually increase your yearning for companionship. This brings us to technique number 2, distraction. Find a mall and do some window shopping. If you’re a gamer, play some games (Obvious). Find a hobby. Writing keeps me occupied so I’m not lonely. Moving on to technique number 3, MMO games. Playing MMO games is a great way to distract yourself and find companions. You’re invisible, just chat with some fellow players and you might even make yourself some great online friends. Next is technique number 4, drugs. Face it, sometimes we are mentally strained. Drugs can be a great reliever, but only to those who are prescribed to it. Drugs can give some nasty side-effects. However, my drugs prevent me from being cranky and moody. Check with your doctor on whether you need meds or not. Technique cinq, French or Greek, I mean YouTube. YouTube can make a positive impact on a person’s life. Not only does YouTube have many comedic videos but it also has many motivational videos. YouTube is the sole reason on why I’m positive. For my tips and others secrets to being positive, click here.


Dealing with Loneliness

Please Read

After some research, I found out that many people who search Google about loneliness have suicidal thoughts. Through personal experience, you might feel like that nobody cares about you. That you’re a burden to everyone. Sometimes, you might feel like that they’re neglecting you on purpose. From my viewpoint, I felt the same way but now, I know that I’m wrong. Those people are just confused they really don’t know the way you’re feeling right now. If you still feel lonely, remember I care. If you die, I will be sad. If you need someone to talk to, email me at However, don’t use it send weird emails (Intended for spammers).



Dealing with loneliness can be hard, but remember that loneliness is just a void in your heart. If you feel like that no cares about you, then you’re wrong. You’ll always have someone that will care about you. Your mom, dad, siblings, cousins, pets or even strangers like me. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful, rainbow-filled day.


Dealing with Loneliness
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Dealing with Loneliness
Dealing with loneliness can be hard. Loneliness exists in all of us. Some a lot, while other few. In this post, I will try to cure you of loneliness.
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