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We all have many types of mental problems. Some of us (me) are dumb. Some of us are scared. Some of us are bloodthirsty. But almost all of us are stressed. Stress exists in almost everything. It exists in humans. It exists in stretched rubber. It even exists in cows. But do we want stress? Of course not. If you do, then you must be Crazy Tim. Basically, stress is like all the minor divas. They act all high and almighty even though they’re not wanted. I mean you have to be a drug dealer to drive stress away. What up title reference? You see what I did there, never mind. So let’s explore some ways to dealing with stress.


Dealing with Stress


What is Stress

What is stress that you ask? I do not know. With the help of sir Google, stress is known to be a state of mental or emotional strain. Where am I and what did I type here? I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that medieval beer. Where was I? Ah yes, I think that stress is a problem that creates more problem. Like how spoiled milk creates spoiled cereal. Stress creates either emotions or physical pain. When you’re stressed you get angry or tired.


Dealing with Stress

Symptoms of Stress

First of all, we need to find the symphony of your stress. After you find it, kill every member. Problem 1 is solved. Next, you’ll have to find the symptoms of your stress. If you’re anything like Mama Unicorn, then work is probably creating stress for you. Next, sometimes anxiety could also cause stress. (V) Wait, isn’t stress and anxiety the same? (S) No, they’re fraternal twins. But for real, anxiety causes fear, which causes an adrenaline rush. This is bad in mild situations as your body is worked. Thus, you’ll feel stressed. Next, sleep detergent, I mean deprivation. Sleep can make a person very cranky. Something in your personal life can also make you stress, like getting an IPhone 6S only for Christmas. This causes you to think too much, therefore stressing you out.


Ways to Cure/Kill Stress



1. Yoga

The first technique to kill stress and yourself is yoga. As all the elders say, yoga helps relieve stress by relaxing the body. However, I think that yoga helps relieve stress because it’s fun. (V) Yoga as in fun, both laptop and sport version stinks. (S) I admit it, the laptop does stink but it’s because you poured milk into it. Didn’t see that one coming did you, Mwahahaha! But seriously, Yoga slays stress especially when it’s in a threesome with your friends. When you see them breaking bones from stretching, you and stress will both die out of laughter. Now that you know that, go to YouTube and watch some “Yoga fails”. (S) I swear (V), if you spoiled the milk again, I’m going to beat you with chipotle. (V) But aren’t you the one who spoiling the milk. (S) Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s you, moving on.



2. Music

Don’t even dare, if you touch Rihanna’s Work, you’ll be married to stress forever. Ironically, Work actually motivates people to do actual labor. Good job, Rihanna. To be real, music can give you all sorts of feels. I once cried with energy. Then again, I’m crazy. Do take note that each song turns you into a different shade of cray. Some songs might stab stress in the balls while others sing praises to it. is a fun way to listen to songs. Not only will you have cremated stress’s body but you also learned a new addiction.



3. Tea Party

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a party. Maybe just you (me) and your (my) dolls. Teas have this remarkable property to cure you of stress. Now excuse me while I kill myself for talking like that. Especially red and black tea. It helps by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and by releasing L-theanine. Now excuse me while I cuss myself to death for no reason. I guess all things that come from trees relieve stress. I’m looking at you Cannabis. So far, this is the most relevant way to dealing with stress.



4. YouTube/ Other Minor Comedies

Time to drink the milk. Ewwwh, my dad has athlete’s foot and the milk is already spoiled. YouTube is a great place to slaughter stress. YouTuber will be feeding stress to the dragons. They’d be roasting it on a stick. They’d be freezing it to death for no good reason. What up Elsa reference. I’m sorry Mama Unicorn, I can’t help it. But seriously, laughter is the medicine for all mental illnesses. And there’s no better place to watch some award-winning comedy than YouTube. You know, except YouTube 2.0 or 3.0 or YouTube %. Also, there no better place to read comedy than The Malaysian Article. (V) Seriously, that joke is so bad that it’s good. (S) Hahaha, wait what?



Hope you had a great dealing with stress. Dealing with stress can be very hard. I mean, after all, stress is a huge diva. Thank you for reading my post, hoped it made ya giggle a lot. If you like, share it. Come on, it’s not that hard. It’s just two to three clicks. Subscribe as I’m currently posting post daily. Other than that, I hope that you’ll have a great day and I wish your stress a happy death.

Dealing with Stress | Not Again!
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Dealing with Stress | Not Again!
Stress can lead to major exhaustion. It strains us emotionally. There are many ways in dealing with stress. Let's go through them in this comedic post.
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