Difference Between Inkjet and Laser » Are They Big?

Printing, I never thought it would become a hit. Of course, I wasn’t born when they invented it but I didn’t think it would still be the norm in the world. Pen & Paper, of course, has become obsolete in most countries and printers should also by now. They did create the laserjet printer which sounds like a futuristic printer. Make no mistake, laserjet printers don’t print using light. They too print using ink. However, instead of the usual absorption technique, laserjets hot presses the ink onto the paper.  What is the difference between inkjet and laser printers? Let’s find out in this student’s review of both printer types.

Difference Between Inkjet and Laser


How does it work

difference between inkjet and laser

Inkjet Printers

From the earliest printing press till the current laserjet, almost all printers uses ink as their medium. In fact, the only other common medium used is lead. Aside from laserjets, inkjets are commonly used among students. In fact, most houses in Malaysia have an inkjet than a laserjet. So, how does an inkjet work? Inkjet cartridges spray the required image precisely and accurately onto the paper. So, one insignificant production mistake could lead to a batch of faulty cartridges or printers. Remember, a line it prints contains millions of colors. Not only has these printers evolved to print in short time, they make little to no mistake when printing.


difference between inkjet and laser

Laserjet Printers

Laserjets or also known as “efficient inkjets marketed to cheat you into buying”  are printers that print mainly using positive and negative charges. There’s a machine in the laser that negatively charges the required image onto the drum unit. The toner is given a positive charge so it sticks to the negative sides of the drum. Then, the paper is positively charged and the inked image is transferred onto it. Finally, a fuser unit hot press the inked image onto the paper to make it permanent and that’s how a laserjet works.



Difference Between Inkjet and Laser in Image Quality & Price


Inkjet Printers

As mentioned earlier, inkjets spray ink onto the paper. So, the ink will gradually be absorbed into the paper. The image quality will become blurry, of course. However, the overall quality will depend on the printed media and paper. For an example, texts show almost no blur after awhile since print. Images, however, will blur at least 10% after awhile. Not to mention that the paper will slightly be wet and will be prone to easy tearings. Using glossy photo papers solves this problem.

Inkjet printers normally use low-priced ink cartridges. The original cartridges are sometimes cheaper than the OEM. However, the price of a cartridge may sometimes not justify the price of the printer. Most HP printers I use are cheaper than the cartridges they use. Canon, however, uses low-priced cartridges. Finding cartridges for inkjets is fairly each, no matter where you live.



Laserjet Printer

Being the successor of the inkjet, laserjets are, of course, better than inkjets. When a laser printer prints, the ink is pasted onto the paper. In other words, the ink won’t get absorbed so easily. Whether it’s text or images, the quality of the media will look sharp and crispy and depending on the printer, the image might even look vivid. However, don’t expect to be wowed. Most text will look slightly better on most laserjets, while images are where laser printers truly shine. Anyways, laserjet’s bigger cousin, the photocopier will always do a better job.


Laserjet printers use slightly higher-priced cartridges. Plus, there is also the cost of replacing the drum unit. Just like inkjets, some laserjets don’t justify their cartridges’ prices. Compared to inkjets, OEM cartridges of laserjets are generally much cheaper than the original. Finding a laserjet cartridge is slightly harder in small countries like Malaysia and Singapore.



The difference between inkjet and laser printers are slightly massive. When it comes to text, there’s a slight difference. However, images take a whole new leap in laserjet printers. Plus, laserjets are known to be ink efficient. Anyways, if you’re planning on buying a laserjet, pick Ricoh. I personally don’t own one. However, the print quality of my college’s Ricoh’s is always better than my Brother’s. That’s all for this comparison between the difference between inkjet and laser. Thank you for reading, share if it helped, and I hope that you’ll have a great day.


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