Disadvantages of Video Games » Fun but Deadly

Video games are a fun way to spend one’s time. They can be so fun and immersive if played on consoles through a great TV setup. You can spend countless of hours being immersed in the story of the game or taking on difficult challenges to outrank your friends. Yes, video games have come so far. These days, they can be played on your phones and they’d also have stunning graphics. All these mindblowing visuals and challenges tricks in a game do have some disadvantages. So, we’re going to be discussing about the disadvantages of video games.


Disadvantages of Video Games


disadvantages of video games > Addiction


One of the biggest disadvantages of video games is becoming addicted to it. From console games to mere mobile games, videos can create an epic addiction. Take “Subway Surfers” as an example, Malaysian teens were obsessed with it one time. Always trying to beat each other’s scores, but for what. We earn no money in that game and we’re spending time that we couldn’t afford in that game. Assignments were not submitted and work was not done. The same goes for console games. “FFXV” is becoming a distraction to me. Because of it, I can’t focus on my daily work.

Bad Eyesight

Bad Eyesight

The light from mobile phones and the light from TVs can do major harm to our eyes, especially when in a poorly-lit room. One addiction kicks in, you’ll spend more time on your phone and TV. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’d play at least for one hour before going to bed and that’s in a dark room. During this small hour, my eyes are going under torture, but do I mind? No, because I’m addicted to “FFXV”. The same goes to mobile games, many play a couple of rounds or levels during night time and that playtime will seriously hurt their eyes.


Increased Workload

Increased Workload (Hardcore Games Only)

Games like “FFXV” can really increase your heart rate. The suspense of waiting for daemons to appear, the eerie yet upbeat background music, the sudden depletion of my health bar. Yes, hardcore games can really overwork your organs. Take other games as an example, “The Last of Us” involves a lot strategic movement. With the background music, thinking and planning can be a lot harder than usual. Plus, let’s not forget horror games. The grande dame of suspension. Every step you’d take, you’d be waiting for the worst. When the worst finally shows up, your heart rate will skyrocket like an actual rocket.




Another big disadvantage to video games is that they can be very influential. Games like God of War, Assassin’s Creed, or Mortal Kombat can be a very bad influence on young teens. When you see Kratos ripping Gorgons in half, you’ll want to so the same. When bones are broken in Mortal Kombat, you’ll want to break them when the next time you pick a fight. With the way these visuals are executed, it’s easy for a young mind to be influenced. Plus, these teens are passively influenced, meaning they wouldn’t realize that they’re being influenced.



To conclude, there are many disadvantages of video games. However, I could only name a few. Videos games may enrich the brain with fun puzzles and activities. However, the longer you play, the longer your brain will start to rot. Not only the brain, your eyes will rot as well and you might also become fat. I’m a living prove of the disadvantages of video games. Like everything, the amount spent on playing videos should be kept to a fair amount. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year. Goodbye.

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