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Have no motivation at all? Man, I know your pain. There was a time in my life when it was all rain and thunder. Not that there is anything wrong with rain and thunder. I had no motivation at all. I was so unmotivated that you could find my name under the antonyms of motivation. I wasn’t just unmotivated, I was depressed and mainly bored. I couldn’t bathe, I couldn’t sleep, but I was still able to eat. As scary and cliche as it sounds, I didn’t care about living. Then, inspiration hit me in the head. It came in the form of a very motivational person. Thanks to this person, I was able to find motivation. Now, it’s your turn. Let’s go on a journey in finding motivation.


Finding Motivation


 finding motivation

What is Motivation?

According to brother Google, motivation is the reason to one’s behavior. The second answer is the desire to do something. In our era, the first answer represents motivation in most situations. To make it even more complex (sorry), a person is either motivated by a need or a want. Here’s a simple example, food motivates me to work so I can buy lots of it. As mentioned in the first paragraph. As my body began to itch, I wanted to take a bath. As I didn’t sleep for hours, I realized it was insomnia. Finally, I wasn’t motivated to live because I had no goals. Once I wanted to become famous and rich, I was motivated to live. This also caused me to be motivated in many other things. Finding motivation has become easier for me since I have goals. However, negativity always stops us in our tracks. If you want to learn about being more positive, click here. Now that that’s settled, let’s look at some sources of motivation.


Sources of Motivation



1. YouTubers

YouTubers are a great way of finding motivation. Many YouTubers were simple people with simple dreams and especially simple pants. Now, they’ve become super famous web stars and I’m not talking Spiderman. They’ve struggled in life. Faced many mean and harmful comments. They’ve met many other inspiring people. Finally, they climbed to stardom. You can see their growth in their ‘Draw My Life’ video. Many YouTubers these days are even transferring to mainstream media. However, unlike traditional stars, YouTubers motivate their fans in their videos that anything is possible, especially giving them as an example. As mentioned earlier, Superwoman has been a help in my life. If it weren’t for her and god, I think I would be sleeping with the fishes right now. So again, arigato Lilly Singh onee-chan



2. Music

Music helps you in so many ways. It always helps you indirectly. Music doesn’t motivate you but instead gives out a positive vibe. This vibe helps you to be more motivated. Here’s a real life example. Even when I was tired, my favorite Japanese song motivated me to jog. That felt more like a sentence example, didn’t it? Gomenne. However, not all songs give you the optimum vibe. Find a song that motivates you to work harder. Find one that has an effect on you no matter how many times you listen to it. If you want to know my motivational song, it’s “never end tale” by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi and Konomi Suzuki.



3. Reading Success Stories

This is one the methods that could also backfire on you if you don’t have enough positivity. So take your time and read my post on being positive, hehe hehe. Reading success stories can greatly motivate a person to do something. For an example, reading about Ray Kroc’s (McDonald’s founder) success will help motivate you to open a business. Reading a person’s physical transformation story will motivate you to be more active. Successful YouTubers will motivate you to start your YouTube career.




4. Visualising Success

Visualizing success is one the greatest way to finding motivation. It helps your mind to think that you’ve already achieved success and helps boost your positivity level. More positivity means easier motivation. The easiest way of visualizing success is by pretending that you’ve already achieved. The hardest but the rewarding way is by lucid dreaming. Go to bed by heavily thinking of success and there’s a chance that your dream will be about.



5. Rewarding Hobby

I’ve already stated this in some of my posts. A rewarding hobby will automatically motivate you, unlike its proper job counterpart. Rewarding hobbies like blogging and vlogging are not only enjoyable but rewards you greatly in the future. It gives you hope that doing what gives you happiness will reward you. It also motivates you greatly in living. The best example I can give is Superwoman. She was motivated to live by making YouTube videos. What started up as a hobby ended as a rewarding career.



Getting Motivated

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need goals to finding motivation. First step, take out a notepad or a Galaxy note and write out your goals. If you think that you don’t need goals, then somebody hasn’t read my post on being positive. Go suck out all the positive vibes and come back again. Then, see if you need any motivation. If not, problem solved. If you do need, pick the appropriate source of motivation for your goal. If it’s regarding health, read success stories or watch motivational YouTube videos regarding health. If it’s about getting motivated to work, read some success stories of business. If it’s about finding motivation to living, then go on a 5-hour YouTube marathon.



If none of the above didn’t help you in finding motivation, then you’re definitely depressed. I have a post about loneliness, click here to check it out. Hope this post helped shed some light on motivation. Anyways, finding motivation is a hard thing. I’m searching for the ultimate solution myself. Leave your opinion (if it’s positive) below as I love to read it. If you like reading this, share and spread the joy. I’m not gonna lie, it will also feed my tummy. Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ll have a wonderful and motivational day. Byeeeeeee.

Finding Motivation | Mission Improbable
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