Global Test Market Review

The internet has made everything much easier. With the internet, any digital item could be shared with anyone without the cost of production. In the old days, companies used to physically send surveys to people to get feedback on their performance. Most surveys weren’t even sent back. Then, some companies started to pay their customers for their feedback. However, this incurred both high costs and inconvenience. Then, some companies started releasing online paid surveys. This offered fewer costs to the company and was more convenient to customers. Global Test Market is a popular online paid survey provider. Is Global Test Market a scam? Does Global Test Market really pay? Let’s find out in this Global Test Market Review.

Global Test Market Review



Survey Frequency

If didn’t know already, Global Test Market only offers surveys. When you first sign up for GTM, you’ll be asked to fill up your profile. This process might be tiresome but I recommend that you finish the entire form. I found out that the more parts you filled up, the more frequent you’ll receive new surveys. When I first signed up for GTM, I didn’t receive any surveys. Even after a couple of months, no surveys. Suddenly, I started receiving surveys frequently. Sometimes, I only receive one survey per week. While other times, I receive more per week. However, you have to your location into account. For me, I was in Malaysia. The number of surveys I was receiving was already generous. In places like India or America, you’ll receive more surveys. As you see, most surveys you get are probably from local companies. In the areas mentioned above, more companies will likely use GTM.


Global Test Market Review

Survey Types

The surveys could literally be about anything. I once received a survey regarding toothpaste. Another time, the survey was about a local racing track. They may also send surveys about mature products. However, you’re given the option to reject it. Depending Before you start a survey, you’ll be asked some details. This will go to your profile data and it will also help determine whether you’re suitable for the survey. At the start of the survey, they will give some information on what the survey is about. After you start the survey, there will be a chance were you might be screened out. This means you will be forfeited from the survey. The reason is because of the options you picked. The options you’ve picked might have not helped with their survey. You do however get 5 points for participating. Remember, what I said earlier. They already provide the general purpose of the survey in the beginning. With this, you may even pick options that you don’t agree with to finish the survey.



Survey Duration

Each survey has its own duration. Most surveys take about 10 to 15 minutes. For the surveys that I wasn’t screen out, there was about 35 to 42 questions. Remember, you might get screened out even at the end of the survey. Some surveys screen you out from the beginning. During the survey, nothing is monitored. You’re free to listen to some music while taking the survey. Remember, each survey has an expiration date. For me, my surveys expired after a week. There is nice feature to GTM, you don’t have to sign in when taking a survey. All you have to do is click on the link in the email.



Global Test Market Rewards

The points that they give per survey is decent. However, it really is annoying when you’re screened out from most of your surveys. The redemption catalog varies among countries. In Malaysia, you can only redeem your points for food vouchers and Unicef donations. It still okay since I’m comfortable with redeeming both vouchers. In countries like America, you’ll be given the option to redeem your points for money. I believe you will be given a PayPal gift certificate.




1. Points2Shop

Points2Shop is a great alternative to GTM. The reason is mainly because it offers more than surveys. However, it isn’t evolved globally like GTM. There aren’t many surveys available in the Asian regions. Most tasks that offer a high amount of points require cash transactions. If you’re in America, then you’ll have no problems. You can find almost any task. You can do surveys or watch videos. They even give points to play games. Points2Shop has a bigger rewards catalog than GTM. This catalog is also available in Malaysia. You can also earn points by referring others.



Compared to others, Global Test Market is more advanced. Not only is it natively available in other countries, it also offers vouchers that can be used in those countries. Something that its competitors lack. If it manages to add more items in its reward catalog, I would even recommend it to other people in my country. For people in America and India, don’t waste time and sign up now. It’s a great way to make income online. The process is slow in my country but it might be faster in yours. That’s all for this Global Test Market review. Thank you for reading this Global Test Market review. Hope this Global Test Market review helped and I hope that you’ll have a great day.

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