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GoDaddy is one fine company if I must say. It’s got the right shape, weight, features, design. Wait, that came out pretty wrong. What I was trying to say is that GoDaddy is a great hosting company. You can check that in this extensive GoDaddy review and make your own opinion about them. However, like certain companies (elppa), GoDaddy is just your average hamburger with an overpriced price. Sure, if you prefer reliability or credibility, GoDaddy is tough to beat. However, there many GoDaddy alternatives that you could consider that offer the same or even better performance for a lower price. Join me as I evaluate some of the top alternatives for GoDaddy.


GoDaddy Alternatives: Hosting Edition

Personally Tested

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1. InterServer (Starting Price-Wise)

Many would know that GoDaddy offers a price reduction to $0.99 cents for its Linux packages. However, InterServer offers any hosting plan of its for $0.01 for the first month. However, it’s only limited to 1 month. Still, they do offer free website migration, which most companies charge. Its basic hosting plan costs $5 per month and is considered GoDaddy pricing. However, speed wise, InterServer wins by a long shot. From my testing, it was at least 3 times faster than GoDaddy’s basic Linux hosting plan. Click here for my full review of Interserver.




2. AsuraHosting (Monthly Price-Wise)

Asurahosting is one of the many companies trying to compete in the low-priced hosting niche. Its cheapest annual plan costs only $10, while its cheapest monthly plan costs $1.50. Why it’s considered to rival GoDaddy’s Linux plan is because they offer an SSD drive, which translates to better performance. I’m even considering to transfer my current website there. For those who are on a budget and prefer permanent low pricing, AsuraHosting is tough to beat.




3. 1and1 Hosting

1and1 Hosting follows GoDaddy’s promotion strategies. They offer their cheapest hosting for $0.99 if bought for a year. Although my time with them was short, I could say they offer speeds above GoDaddy standards. The reason why my business with them was short-lived was because of the complications of transferring a website. Transferring a website, or even adding a domain takes time at 1and1 Hosting. However, I was able to do speed tests on a sample site on their server and it offers thrice the performance of GoDaddy. Click here for my full review of 1and1 Hosting.




4. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

Yes, one of the GoDaddy alternatives in this list GoDaddy’s other hosting plan. This plan is solely dedicated for a WordPress website. If you use a coupon, you could get the first year of this plan for one $0.99 monthly. This plan offers less customization and you can install a custom SSL certificate like I did for this website. The only settings you are offered are the ones in WordPress itself.


From Other’s Opinions



1. HostGator

From what I heard, Hostgator seems to be an excellent GoDaddy alternative. It’s cheap and fast. Many say its faster than GoDaddy by a lot. If I had personally reviewed it, It would be the third of the GoDaddy alternatives that I would have recommended. They offer their first month of hosting for $0.99 cents using a coupon. Then, it’s around $6.95. So yeah, its still a bit expensive. Moving on to number two.



2. BlueHost

Another fantabulous place to host, is what I heard from other. Bluehost has the exact same price of GoDaddy, except its much faster. Currently, they’re offering an introductory price of $2.95 per month, which is higher than GoDaddy’s. Compared to Bluehost, I would personally go 1and1 hosting. Then again, I’ve never tried. From what I’ve heard, a significant amount of bloggers either use BlueHost or Hostgator. That’s why they’re even on this list.



So far, InterServer is the overall fastest of the GoDaddy alternatives of this list. AsuraHosting is the overall cheapest alternative on this list. While 1and1 hosting offers a healthy balance between those two. If you have a website, migration process would be easier with InterServer. That’s all to conclude, hope you’ll have a wonder day and thanks for reading.

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