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Did you know that a website is downloaded from a computer running 24/7? Of course you do. If not, why are you here? Hosting has become a very valuable resource. Not all hosting companies can keep their guarntee of complete runtime. Some hosting companies get attacked or frozen (Let it go!) all the time, while other have a solid runtime record. For now, we will be inspecting GoDaddy. WhoIs GoDaddy. Bob Parson is the founder of GoDaddy. So you can say that he’s the GoGranny. Enough with the jokes, this is not why you searched the internet for GoDaddy reviews. So, let’s formally start our GoDaddy review race. Go Daaddy!!! Enough already, this is getting annoying.


GoDaddy Review



Why Should You Pick GoDaddy?

Why are you asking me? I’m kidding, I did eat the cereal. Back to the point, I picked GoDaddy for the following three, price, value, support, and quality. Yes, I’m not bribed to say this. So far, my GoDaddy experience is so pleasant. I had no trouble buying domains, hosting. However, I could have made a musical while waiting for support staff to pick up. Then again, it would have been a terrible musical. The service they gave, however was great. Compared to Malaysian/Other foreign companies, their wait time was low and they gave great service (Not that service). I’m not going to spoil the milk this time, so read each section.



Pricing/Value of GoDaddy

I dare you to name a hosting cheaper than GoDaddy. Don’t comment yet. I was referring to the initial prices. The Linux hosting price was around $1. Unlike HostGator, you could buy up til and only 12 months for the same price. They even give a free domain. The basic hosting was very slow. So, i upgraded the resources to Level 2. The pricing for level 2 is $2 per month and you can’t buy for 1 month, unless your subscription still has 1 month. Level 3 resources is $4 per month. Regardless of which level you are you’re still paying the same price. So, directly upgrade to Level 3 if you have the money. As mentioned earlier, GoDaddy offers extreme value. However, it’s only extreme initially. Just like all relationships, mwahahaha! You can get the first year of a .com domain for $0.99. You can even get Managed WordPress hosting for $1. However, you’ll need to buy as 12 months.


Godaddy Review

Support of the Going Daddy

Okay gurl, listen, I’m going to tell you my whole experience with the customer service staff of GoDaddy. I just ordered hosting at the middle of night. My tummy was rumbling when and not because I found out that my hosting plan didn’t exist. So, I walked to the telephone room plumply, sneakily, dashingly, and other lys. I carefully and slowly dialed the GoDaddy support number on my landlord, I mean landline. Then, suddenly I heard a bewitching and other big words noise. A little Irish stew gently whispering “Thank you for calling GoDaddy.”. Boom, fairt tale over. I literally could have literally made mac and cheese while waiting for the call girl, I mean agent. However, the service was good. They met my every need and even double checked my problem. I’m not talking about the call girl. Seriously guys, you’re so weird. No excuse while beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.



Quality of the Daddy who Goes

As mentioned earlier, the basic Linux plan has terrible transfer rates. Well, I wouldn’t say terrible. Yes, yes I wood. However, upgrading the resources to level 2 didn’t help much. However, when I picked North America as my data center. My speed skyrocket like my fame. My fame of being overfat anyway. I could literally be the definition of over-cuteness. Back to the point, go Back, go the point. For domains, I don’t think there is a way to judge it’s quality, except for checking for cracks. (V) That’s a dome, dumbhead. (S) Oh, do you have any crack? I would recommend Managed WordPress hosting for all you geeks and cheesecakes, I mean cheapskates out there. You barely have FTP. Plus, you can’t use your custom SSL certificate. Speed is great, however.


Other Free Hosting

There’s this one hosting I liked, it’s called MZZHost. However, everything ended between us when it accidently destroyed my stuff. It’s still begging me to try out its partner website. I don’t know what to do. (V) Dump it, you have me. (S) Heuh! You think I stopid. Seriously, there’s this hosting that is called MZZHost. It’s okay for small websites. However, my website became corrupted and there’s a chance that yours might too. It’s slightly slow but has many features. Some of them include Softaculous and ability to add normal SSL.



Time to end this GoDaddy review. I’m sorry if this GoDaddy review was too comedic. But hey, wanna grab lunch. To summarize, many people may hate them but my experience so far was nice. If you like this GoDaddy review, be sure to share on all your social medias. I mean it may kill your social status and life. But hey, you’ll help a little boy out. Subscribe for more similar funny posts. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.



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