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If you like eating ice-cream without cream, then you shouldn’t do an accredited course. An accredited course is very similar to ice-cream. It offers many benefits than its flavorless counterpart. By being accredited, courses give the assurance of good quality and legitimacy. There are many accredited course providers and GoSkills is one of them. GoSkills is relatively new in the accredited courses business. They’re considered to be a competitor to the Shaw Academy. However, they do not follow Shaw Academy’s “price reduction” marketing tactics. They’re different from the Shaw Academy in almost every aspect. Can their uniqueness win their battle against the Shaw Academy? Let’s find out in this GoSkills review.

GoSkills Review


GoSkills review

Course Quality & Content

Unlike the Shaw Academy, GoSkills offer on-demand videos only. The videos are very similar in nature to the Shaw Academy. Their videos comprise of slides with narrations. However, GoSkills videos seem for professional than the Shaw Academy’s. Their transitions from slides are fluid and the effects are nice. Then again, the Shaw Academy offers live videos. Other than the videos, there are also quizzes. You also have the ability to sort your lessons. Why I made this a point is because of the filters. The first one is “Focus”. This filter will sort your lessons based on your test results. As its name implies, it focuses on your weakest topics. The second is more of a mode, “Game mode” to be specific. In this filter, the next lesson will be locked until you score a perfect 100% in the quizzes of the current lessons.




For those who saw this course on Groupon, don’t be fooled. The pricing structure for GoSkills is very different. They don’t sell courses as a whole. Instead, they offer subscriptions to each course. Subscriptions can 1 month or 1 year. You also have the option of buying a monthly subscription to all the courses for a much cheaper price. However, it will be billed as 1 year. Certificates are awarded after completion of a course. If you’re able to complete all the materials within 1 month, then you’ll save money.



Accreditation, Certificates & Instructors

GoSkills is accredited by the CPD. Like all CPD accredited courses, you’ll only receive a PDF certificate. There is also no QCF level equivalency. However, the certificate does come with a verification code. This code is used on GoSkills’ website to verify a certificate of its legitimacy. This feature is highly underestimated by learners. This feature shows employers professionalism. The instructors at GoSkills have good qualifications and experience. They’ve also worked in professional companies.




1. Shaw Academy

As said before, the Shaw Academy is the main competitor to GoSkills. They excel in this industry mainly because of their price strategy. They put on regular high prices on their website. However, they promote them 95% to 98% off on third-party websites like Groupon. The Shaw Academy is accredited by two bodies. Those are the NCFE and CPD. NCFE courses have an Ofqual equivalence level of 4. CPD courses, on the other hand, have no equivalence level. NCFE courses come with a physical certificate. CPD courses come with an electronic certificate. The course consists of live lessons, weekly assignments, and one final exam. The course is about one month long.

2. Virtual College

Virtual College is also new to the market. However, it offers a larger inventory of courses than GoSkills. It follows GoSkills pricing strategy. Virtual College is accredited by many awarding bodies. One of them is the CPD. Course accredited by the CPD have a PDF certificate. Other courses have a physical certificate. Most courses at Virtual College are priced around £30. Unlike its competitors, Virtual College’s courses only consist of text and other readables (Not an official word). There is a final exam, however.



GoSkills is a great alternative to the Shaw Academy. They could take a huge chuck of the market if they change their pricing and promotion strategies. I give a huge recommendation to everyone. That’s all for this GoSkills review. I hope that this Goskills review helped. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.


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