Homeschooling in Malaysia

Originally, everyone thought that homeschooling in Malaysia isn’t legal or possible. This is very untrue. The rumor started because of the nosy staffs of Pendidikan, teachers and parents. Many parents believe that their child is lazy when their child wants to be homeschooled. Little do they know about the child’s problem. During my school years, I wanted to be homeschooled. However, my parents thought that I wanted to leave school. I received many physical and emotional scars from them. However, I survived in the end. I was homeschooled for three months and now I’m at university at the age 15. In this guide to homeschooling in Malaysia, I will provide both the traditional and non-traditional way of homeschooling.


Homeschooling in Malaysia


Homeschooling in Malaysia

Traditional Method of Homeschooling in Malaysia

This method hasn’t been confirmed yet for future UPSR students. For PT3 and SPM students, you can register as a private candidate for the exams at your nearest Pendidikan. You’ll have to 15 or 17 when taking PT3 or SPM respectively. When you’re of age, go to Pendidikan and they’ll give you a form. You’ll have to fill up the form and paste a stamp asked by the Pendidikan officer. The stamp can be found at our local Pos Malaysia. Then send the form back to the office. You can also mail the documents to the office’s address. I forgot the deadline, so make sure to go before the end of January. The exams will be held at the place that you chose. You can also custom pick which subjects you want. You can also try registering at I have an important fact. As mentioned by the Pendidikan officer, you don’t need to have the UPSR and PT3 certificates to sit for SPM. You can register once you’re 18 years old.



“Leap-Years” Method

This method will require a lot of money. It’s not bribing, though. If you went to Singapore, then you’ll know about ‘O’ Levels. In Malaysia, private and international schools use these exams and teach it. Like the traditional method, students can register for these exams as private candidates. The advantage is that you can register at any age. I registered at the age of 15. However, the syllabus is very different and you’ll have to do some studying. The disadvantage is that it’s expensive. A subject costs around RM 700 to RM 1000. Another one is that you’ll have to learn on your own. By the way, it has a stricter grading scale than SPM. To pass, you’ll have to score at least 60%. For more information click either of the links below. From my experience, taking the IGCSE was awesome. There were many students there. Alas, there was only a few of my kind (homeschoolers). |



Learning Materials

ITTV is the best tool I can recommend for Malaysian students. Their videos are fun and helpful. They also have other features like questions and past year exams. You can buy it as a CD or subscribe to online packages. I recommend that you try the free trial before buying. A free alternative is the GURU app. You can use it on your computer or phone. They provide videos from YouTube, slides and more It also has many questions to try. This is also an awesome tool. It’s also available the ‘O’ Levels or IGCSEs. However, it isn’t available to UPSR and PT3 students. If you IGCSE students want something more fun, then I recommend Learnerscloud for you. The videos are very fun and helpful. I personally their videos over ITTV’s. As always, try the trial first before purchasing.



A Word with Parents

Make sure that your kid actually needs to be homeschooled. Some kids want to be homeschooled because they want to escape from homework, waking up in the morning, etc. Homeschooling these kids will ruin their life. These type of kids will put no effort in their studies. When it’s time to sit for the exams, they’ll come back with bad grades. There is some way to identify whether your kid actually needs to be homeschooled. If they’re socially awkward, then there’s an 80% chance that they’ll need to be homeschooled. If they regularly score around 2-3As in their exams, you must homeschool them. As you see, these kids hate school because of social interaction, not because of learning. Studying in a school will actually prevent the full capacity of these children. By studying alone, they will achieve maximum grades



I hope that my guide to homeschooling in Malaysia helped. Future UPSR students, stay tuned as I will come with a confirmation on whether you register for the exam as a private candidate or not. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.


Homeschooling in Malaysia
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Homeschooling in Malaysia
Originally, everyone thought that homeschooling in Malaysia isn't legal or possible. This is very untrue. To find out about the truth, read this article.
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