How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

The invention of the internet might be the greatest invention of them all. You can do so many things online. You could read a book, watch a non-pirated movie, or even cook… in an online non-pirated game. However, arguably the best thing you could do online is making money because then you’ll be able to buy some pirated CDs. Jokes (If they are) aside, you’re here because you want to know how to make money online without paying anything. Well, good luck. Just kidding, here are some ways you could try which doesn’t require moola at all.


How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything



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1. HubPages

You don’t require any money to write for HubPages. HubPages is a place where wannabe writers like me try to make money by writing desperate content. Note to yourself, only 0.1% of HubPages populace is like me. The money you make is not much… for the first year that is. The first year, you’ll make around $50 – $100 in total. If you post content regularly, you’ll make around $50 – $100 per month around the second year. Plus, if you write amazing content unlike me, you may even earn $10 – $30 per day and even get awards from HubPages. Do take note that awesome content is judged by the amount views you get. To make at least $10 per day, you’ll at least need to have 1000 views per day.



2. BlogSpot

The way you make money on BlogSpot is similar to HubPages. You write content to make except you’re paid through Google AdSense. Some also say that you’ll earn more through AdSense since… well… it’s a Google product. You already know big of a cheese is Google. Unlike HubPages, BlogSpot doesn’t restrict you in many ways. For an example, I know many pirate blogs on Blogspot (through research not pirating), that make money through other methods. Take HackCruch as an example, they make money through “I’m okay with pirating” ad companies like Revenuehits, PropellerAds, and PopAds. To summarize, BlogSpot is a great way to make money for free since hosting and the domain is free and I also do not support pirating.



3. Fiverr

First, I’d like to introduce our guest star, Iwriter. Well, Iwriter is well known to force its free user to spend money on premium plans so they can take on high-paying jobs. Now, get out of here you rotten cheese (Iwriter cries). Now, going back to Fiverr. Fiverr is like the opposite company of Iwriter. Instead of you taking online writing jobs to make money, clients come to (email) you with job requests and send you payment. So for an example, you’d say that you’d write 600 – 700 words on a topic and people who’d like that will email. However, there’s a catch. You can only get paid $5 for a job. However, when you become a top seller, you can increase that amount. Still, you could make more money instantly than the other options.




1. YouTube

Another way to how to make money online without paying anything is by filming yourself and possibly get humiliated. *Author cries pathetically* Still, I did manage to make one video that gets views daily. An estimate would be around 30 – 50 views per day. With that, I make $5 per month. *Audiences laugh so much that they puke* Okay, I admit that I’m not good. However, you’ll definitely be more awesome. Plus, if you get more views, you’ll not only make a lot of moola, but you’ll also get a fan base. Who doesn’t need a fan base? After all, fans these days are pretty wobbly. *Cricket chirps* Moving on.




1. Freelancer

First of all, this company’s name is really offensive… and true. Using Freelancer, you could find many online jobs. They vary from software development to being a model for a creepy online guy. There’s also an occasional job to just chat online… in the nude. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen it on the list. Also, the amount you’ll get paid will depend on the job. Although they have a recommend amount, you can ask for a higher amount, although it’s not recommended. Also, if you do ask for a higher amount, chances of you scoring the job is low. Yes, many people will compete for the job against you. Be sure to send in a good reason, along with a link to a YouTube video made by you.



2. Odesk/Upwork

Another way to how to make money online without paying anything is by using other services like Freelancer such as Upwork. Sorry, I had to get it out there. Upwork from my personal opinion is slightly better than Freelancer. They seem more professional and they also seem to have more job requests. Plus, unlike Freelancer, they send me recommended jobs to my inbox. However, they charge a higher fee of 20% of earnings than Freelancer’s 10%. Unlike Freelance, Upwork tests to prove skills are free to take. Overall, I don’t know why Odesk changed its name to Upwork, Hmm.



It’s actually not that hard to make money without money. However, when you do have money, I have a secret great way to make big money online, but with a little investment. Come back when you made money from the methods above and I may disclose it in a new post. Anyway, I hope I taught you to how to make money online without paying anything. If you have any questions, comment below. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year and leap year. Good-Bye!


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