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Writing is a popular way of making money. Even before the era of the internet, journalists were paid to write. Now, writers have many ways to make money. They could publish articles for magazines or ghostwrite for people. However, writing online has been the most popular way to make money ever since the idea became a reality. Originally, you had to have a website to write articles and an advertising company to make money from. Problem two was fixed when Google had announced Adsense. Then, problem one was fixed with Blogger. After some years, a new company was born. They were called HubPages. They allow their registered users to publish articles on their site and make money from it. Is HubPages legitimate? check out this HubPages review.


HubPages Review



HubPages Review: Introduction

HubPages was found in 2006 by Paul Edmonson, Paul Deeds, and Jay Reitz. Their headquarters is in San Francisco. According to the Wikipedia, They employs only 24 workers. It seems that all successful websites employ a small amount workers. The site launched on 6th August 2006. During their launch, Hummer Winblad invested $2 million in them. According to QuantCast, HubPages is the 104th most visited US site on the internet.



HubPages Review: Interface


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Writing Comfortability

HubPages is one of the most comfortable places to write on the internet. What I mean is eye-pleasing. The bluish white layout of the editor doesn’t cause much stress to the eyes. Writing in a capsule also minimizes eye movement. The background behind the capsule is also darkened to reduce strain on eyes. Writing in the capsules allows better organization. There are three types of capsules. These are text, photos, and widget. The best part is the ability to assign your own meta description. Another interesting feature is the achievements tab. It excited me to write more and add better content. However, you can’t add custom codes. This prevents the ability to display third-party ads and widgets. Overall, the layout is just perfect for writing.



Featured Hubs

I believe that this achievement called “Featured” that HubPages gives to some Hubs is a gimmick. They claim that they will give extra attention to featured Hubs. This sounds like a ruse. I believe that they use an SEO measuring tool on Hubs. If a Hub has good SEO, then it’s featured. This means that search engines will automatically give extra attention to these Hubs. However, this is just a theory. Some Hubs do get edited by HubPages to increase SEO. However, these Hubs must already have exceptional traffic. So, the amount of hubs that get edited is few.




HubPages is greatly Search Engine Optimized. If they don’t optimize their website for SEO, then they’ll receive lower rankings. They have a team dedicated for SEO. However, they optimize their site only. For your Hub to get a higher ranking, you’ll have to write good and SEO optimized content. Some of the things that they optimize are fonts, tags, images, headers and codes. Remember, focus more on writing good content. A little tip, try to include your keyword in the description of your Hub.




You have four ways in which you can earn money from HubPages. Those ways are the HubPages Earnings Program (HP), Ebay, Amazon and HubPages’ referral program. With HP, you can earn money from ads displayed by HubPages and Adsense. Remember that the they take 40% of the revenue. Actually, giving 60% is very generous compared to other revenue-sharing websites. The minimum payout threshold is $50. You can earn money by promoting Ebay and Amazon product. You’ll earn commission for each product sold. With the affiliate program, you can earn money by referring people to Hubs. You’ll earn 15% of revenue generated by that Hub. This 15% will be deducted from HubPages’ share of the revenue. The earnings on HubPages is decent. However, you’ll only see a decent income with a monthly page view of over 10,000. To be honest, the website that has the smallest traffic to income ratio I know is InfoBarrel. However, it’s hard to publish an article there. They manually check each written article. They will reject an article even if it has a grammar mistake.



Alternative: WordPress

HubPages is great for beginner writers. However, having a website gives more flexibility. You’ll have the ability to brand your content. You can also pick your own advertisers. However, you’ll be responsible for the technical aspects of your website. You’ll also have to pay domain and hosting fees. Usually, I would recommend free hosting like MZZHost. However, free hosting’s servers could get corrupted and you’ll have no choice of recovering your data. Also, you must optimize your website for search engines. HubPages optimizes your content for you and it also has a dedicated crew towards SEO. As mentioned earlier, they optimize the headings tags of your Hub. In your website, you’ll need to do this on your own. I would recommend using a plugin like Yoast to help you in the process. SEOPressor is also a great alternative. You’ll also need to have an SEO friendly theme. Overall, I prefer having my own website. The reason is because I have the freedom to use codes. You can use banners and widgets. WordPress also have a massive array of plugins. However, it can be expensive to run. Blogger is also a great alternative. Like HubPages, you don’t have to worry about SEO. You also have the ability to use third-party codes. In the future, you could also use a custom domain. The only restriction you have is no server access. This will limit some uses. However, that isn’t a big disadvantage.



HubPages is a great place to write articles and make money. So far, I have no HubPages complaints. However, it will take some time to see a decent amount. InfoBarrel and Wizley are great alternatives if you don’t prefer HubPages. You may even want to consider Blogger. If you have the money and time, invest on your own website. Thank you for reading my HubPages review. I hope that this HubPages review helped. Subscribe for more posts and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

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