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Okay, I know I said I hate being sick. But to be real, I really enjoyed it until my recent cold. I mean being sick comes with a lot of advantages. You’re free to skip school. Your mom and dad are extra or surprising nice to you. You get to enjoy a nice stay at the hospital. Maybe I’m the only person who enjoys the last part, hmm. Anyways, so recently, I had a cold or fever. I was like “It’s just a cold, it ain’t gonna bother me.” Then, Jynx hit me with a baseball. Does that make sense? Anyways, here are some reasons to why I hate being sick.


I Hate Being Sick


I Hate Being Sick > Soul Sucking

1. Soul Sucking

My cold literally sucked out my life force. My cold just took a gigantic straw and poked it right into my energy core. If you knew me, you’d know that I’m not the lazy. Sure, I might require 12 hours of nighttime sleep. However, I’m not a lazy person during the daytime. However, during the last three days, I could get out of bed, My body felt like it was in a sauna for 20 hours straight and that I didn’t lose any weight. Did that rhyme? Anyways, I was pretty much a hot dead corpse for the past 72 hours. I also hope that you interpreted ‘hot’ in the correct way.


The Awakening: Father and Mother Edition

2. The Awakening: Father and Mother Edition

I’m pretty sure most of you guys won’t have this problem if you were sick. If you do, give this post a Google+ something. So, my parents in their normal state are already overprotective and crazy as fudge. So, god forbid that I get sick. If I do, my parents’ inner craziness gets released. I couldn’t do anything fun. I couldn’t ride my motorcycle nor could I write on my blog. My father overdoses me with pills while my mother makes sure that I’m on bedrest or else my pills will make drowsy. I could eat anything but porridge. Plus, if I start talking for more than 1 minute, they will shush me saying it’s bad for my health. Did I mention that my mom reacts like I’m going to die before getting my blood test result?. Well, that’s my parents for you. To be fair, I did exaggerate their behavior by 1.000000001%


Appetite Destroyer

3. Appetite Destroyer

While I was sick, even if I wasn’t only allowed to eat porridge, I couldn’t eat most foods because the smell or even the thought of oily foods made me nauseous. Again, if you know me. I love fast food. I eat at least one serving of fast food per day. That’s also the reason why I weight 105KGs. However, when I got sick, all types of oil-cooked foods made me sicker, except McNuggets. Who could get sick of McNuggets, chickens, that’s who. As I was stalling, I mean saying. I swear the biggest reason why I hate being sick is because it’s an appetite destroyer. I was forced to eat steamed foods and porridges for the 72 hours, it was surprisingly delicious and disgusting.



4. Abandonment

Okay, I didn’t get abandoned by my friends because I was sick because I don’t have friends. However, if I did have friends, I bet that I would get abandoned. They would have been like “Dude, you don’t have to come with us, you’re so sick, you should get some rest”. While in reality, they just don’t want to take a sick person with them because it won’t be cool. Well, who needs them while I have videos games. Wait, I’m banned from them because I’m sick. Oh, well.



To conclude, sickness used to be my best friend. However, like all my childhood friends. It turned into a prissy diva. Anyways, I hate being sick now and now, I must bid farewell cause I’m tried. Also, remember to give this post a Google+ something. I don’t know what it is. I’m just trying to turn Blogger into a readable YouTube. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a sick-free year. Good Bye!

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