I Want Chocolate » Because I’m Crazy

You want chocolate. Too bad cause I want chocolate. But no matter how many times I search it, it will never appear. Why I do I crave for chocolates? It’s because I’m crazy. Why do I crave chocolate? A real person craves chocolates for its taste, or even because it will make you smarter. But no (2x), I desire chocolate because it’s the only flat and flawless thing I could eat. I have an addiction for flat things. I literally woke with my GS6 in my mouth.

That’s not the only reason. I like the shine of chocolate. The glossy a chocolate is, the more I’m attracted to it. So you could say that I’m chocosexual. *cricket sounds*. Nobody, nevermind. Okay, so here are some reasons on why I want chocolate. Let’s begin, cue in the intro. (Editor) This isn’t a video dumb-dumb. (Editor) Wait, I’m the one who’s typing, noooooooooooooo *Hit by a bus*.


I Want Chocolate

I want chocolate

My Ideal Chocolate

I just adore the square design of chocolates, especially when the edges are flat. My ideal square chocolate would be a gift box. Almost all gift boxes are square and they have, I mean they feel, they’re just…………… I’m crazy. That’s the main context of this post. But seriously, if a chocolate is square, has no features/marking, and is thin, I would literally pull out my teeth and try to chew on it for eternity.

As I said earlier, I also like thin chocolate. I like all thin things. Thin books, thin phones, even thin air. Of course, I would die if the air is thin. That felt a little forced. I also would like my chocolate to be shiny/glossy. So shiny that I could see a blurred reflection of myself. Trust me, you don’t want to see the clear version of me. After all, my sister is Medusa. To conclude, I’d like a GS6 themed chocolate, specifically the gold version. Now, what I hate about chocolate. *cricket sounds* I’m asking you. What do I hate about chocolate? *cricket sounds* Never mind, I’ll guess it myself.



Things I Hate About Chocolate

I really, and I mean plumply hate the taste of chocolate. You know, it’s a long story. *WooooWooooWoooo*. It all graciously farted when I was a little boat. I loved chocolate more than Annie’s thing. One a delicious day, I decided to precisely gulp a bowel full of chocolate. Then, I felt a sweet stab in my bowl. In the degrading end, I found my heroic self in an asylum. To conclude, that incident grew my hatred toward’s chocolate’s sweetness. I literally hate every sweet thing, except ice-cream. I mean I scream, you scream, we all scream at pythons.

Another thing I hate about chocolate is its texture. It’s too sticky once chewed and its hard to chew. I could have better luck chewing leprechaun. Then again, the leprechaun safety department will arrest me. Then, there’s the smell of chocolate. To be real, the smell of chocolate is one of my reasons for craving. I could turn Miley Cyrus’s Adore You music video into a chocolate perfume commercial. However (with an exclamation mark), it’s the siren’s voice of chocolate. And you know what sirens do, they attract and eat you. But for chocolate, they attract and get ate. It’s like they’re their own demise. Get it, wait. That’s no joke. In the end, no matter how much i hate chocolate. Ahem, I want chocolate so give me chocolate now.



I want chocolate, I really want chocolate. Why we crave chocolate, I don’t know. However, I’m fasting now and my hunger is really increasing. Anyways, thank you for reading this post. For my 5 loyal subscribers. I’m sorry that this post was short. If you also want chocolate, share this post and you know, ask for chocolate. I want chocolate, so you should too. Ehm, I wonder whether there’s a song called chocolate. Anyways, subscribe for more weird posts and I’ll see you in the next pod. Hope you’ll have a great day and it’s time for Malay Teen to fly away. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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