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Seriously, everyone wants to copy NetFlix. NetFlix even has competitors in Malaysia, Malaysia. Can you believe that?Most importantly, why are video streaming services even targeting Malaysia, the king of piracy? At least NetFlix doesn’t have high hopes on Malaysia. Iflix, on the other hand, is trying so hard to sell its services in Malaysia that it’s embarrassing. Anyways, if you’re anything like me, you would want to watch videos in the legal way. That’s where Iflix comes in. NetFlix isn’t a viable option yet in Malaysia since its inventory is small. In this Iflix review, we will be looking at this new, annoying company.


Iflix Review



Price & Value

Straight out the bat, Iflix pours out the lies. In their signup page, they claim that their monthly price is RM 8 per month, while they actually charge you RM 10 if you pay monthly. The RM 8 price is for those who pay annually. Plus, they don’t give you prior notifications when your subscription ends. I had mine renewed automatically without any notifications. Value-wise, RM 10 is still a steal, not literally since that’s what we Malaysians do. A NetFlix subscription costs around RM 33, which is thrice the amount you’ll pay for Iflix. Plus, Iflix has a larger inventory than NetFlix.


Iflix review


Iflix has a huge inventory. From old classics like “How I Met Your Mother” to new comedies like “2 Broke Girls”. For comedy cravers, Iflix is heaven. Right now, I’m addicted to “Hot in Cleveland”. They also have Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and they even have Malay dramas. They even have anime, but to be honest, who watches anime even on Netflix. There is one thing you’ll have to note, most of the shows here are already available in Astro. The only function you’ll have here is that you can watch on demand. Netflix, on the other hand, has shows which haven’t even aired on Astro yet. However, Iflix does have an exclusive show. It’s called “The Magicians”. This show has aired on Astro yet. Maybe in the future, Iflix might even create its own shows.




I know some of you are eager to know about this part. Sadly, the speed is about average. It’s not too slow, nor is it incredibly fast. When watching on my 6 MBps connection, the video was of high quality most of the time, but sometimes had an occasional freeze. There is one problem which might be related to the speed. Sometimes, Iflix just freezes and you’ll have to refresh the page to continue watching. I believe that this is a technical problem, then again, it might be a server problem.





I know what you’re thinking, what do I mean by service. Well, the website of Iflix itself has a rather annoying personality. (Don’t judge me) I feel like it trying on purpose to humiliate me. When my network is down, it taunts me by saying I’m old school. When I’ve downloaded too many episodes, it tells me to slow down my horses (How dare it). Anyways, I can clearly see that the system is made by a Malaysian. I mean who else could be this level of annoying, rude, obnoxious, other big words. So far, this is my second biggest complaint about Iflix.




As mentioned earlier in this Iflix review, Iflix allows its users to download episodes and movies, so it can be viewed offline later. A feature that even NetFlix lacks. However, like all great scams, there’s a catch. There’s an expiration date for each downloaded content. So if you download an episode, you’ll have seven days to watch it. Once you watched it, you have two days to rewatch it. This feature is currently available to phones only. I tried it on my tab and it doesn’t work. Must be another glitch, typical us. Also, if you’re Malaysian and a UMobile user, it’s your lucky day. UMobile offers free video streaming data when you purchase monthly packages. It offers 100% extra streaming data for most packages, while unlimited streaming data for some. This data can also be used for YouTube and HyppTV.



There are so many alternatives available to Iflix. There’s Netflix, HyppTV, Astro, and even YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, YouTube has many awesome web series. You should really consider YouTube as an alternative to TV. Many people overlook the awesome content on YouTube. Anyways, I usually don’t recommend piracy like a certain someone (Talking about a fellow blogger), but it’s still a viable alternative which will always be popular in Malaysia.


Final Verdict

I’m not in charge of your wallet, nor am I your girlfriend/boyfriend to tell you what to buy. My recommendation is to try out the trial and buy if you like using it. Even considering piracy, I like Iflix because it offers me the convenience of not searching Google (Sorry Google). Plus, it’s sometimes hard to find pirated content. I’d say give it a shot, how bad can it be? Anyways, thanks for reading this Iflix review. If you like this Iflix review, share it as it will help others (me) and subscribe for more awesome content. Thank you for reading again and I hope you’ll have a nice day. Byeeeeee!

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