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The internet is modernizing life in many ways. One of them is making education accessible to everyone. The internet is opening so many possibilities in the field of education. With the internet, people with disabilities could complete a degree program from the comfort of their home. The internet is making education much more affordable. Many online degrees and diploma programs cost significantly less than physical counterpart. This is due to lesser costs. In this post, I will be giving you my Indian Board of Alternative Medicine review. They’re also known as IBAM academy. Currently, they’re the only medical institute I know that offers programs under $1000. However, don’t let the price tag fool you. Read below for info.


Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Review





The IBAM claims that their accreditation is valid internationally However, if you thoroughly check their recognition page, you’ll see that there are many loopholes. First, they say that their registration is under the government of West Bengal. They also say that they have ISO 9001:2008 certification. Both of this doesn’t mean accreditation. In India, NAAC is in charge of accreditation of colleges and universities. This means IBAM’s programs are not NAAC verified. This means IBAM has very little worth when it comes to jobs. According to the info from IBAM’s recognition page, it seems that they’re self-accredited. They claim that you’ll need a license from to practice alternative medicine and issue medical certificates in India. On this page, nothing mentions about practicing alternative medicine internationally. Overall, international students should stay away, unless they want to waste money.

Thanks to Ishmeiya, I have received some new information. IBAM is accredited by the IPHM UK. If you know about most UK accrediting bodies, you would know that their courses are vocational courses. To put it in an example, they are the private version of Malaysia’s SPVM. Their curriculum as said by Ishmeiya is advanced. However, my sister studies Pharmacy at diploma level and her alternative medicine subject is far more complex. That’s because she’s studying an actual Asian diploma. The term ‘diploma’ used in Asia is for higher education, while for the US&UK is for vocational education. So, IBAM’s marketing and positioning is very deceptive.As we’re on the topic of accreditation and recognition. India only recognizes certain methods of alternative medicine. You’ll only need a qualification for practicing hypnotherapy and acupuncture.


Indian Board of Alternative Medicine review

Course Content & Material

The IBAM may offer online courses, but there is no online learning. Students have no dedicated portal for learning. All the learning will be done by yourself. However, they will provide you with books. They will send you the books via DHL. The delivery time is short, but the delivery preparation time is long. Approximately two weeks. There are two types of books, core and additional reading material.IBAM manufacturers the core reading materials directly. They’re very low in quality. I personally prefer the additional reading material since it’s manufactured by third-party companies. They also provide a two sheets of questions for each subject. This is supposed to cover you for 2 years. I think an average college student can finish all the materials within 4 months. They also give you an ID card.


Indian Board of Alternative Medicine review


There are two exams, one per year. You’ll have three options when it comes to the exam. You can sit for at Calcutta, receive via postal or email. That’s right. You can sit for the exam in your home unproctored. You’ll have to send the exam paperback via email or post. If you’ll want more information from them, good luck getting from them. They kept saying “Wait for the course materials” when I asked them for more information. However, the course materials didn’t answer any of my questions.

Now that my first exam is near, I will say that they’ll notify you to pay an extra $50 to take the exam online or $75 to receive the exam through. They do attach PDF copies of the notification letters and they do seem legit.


Opening a Clinic

For those wondering whether can you open a clinic in India using a certificate from IBAM, you probably can. According to IndiaMedicalTimes, the first qualification you’ll need is registration certifications from any State Medical Councils. IBAM happens to be registered under West Bengal Medical Council. This may mean that IBAM’s practitioner’s license is enough to qualift. The second would be a professional certificate, a diploma or degree from IBAM may suffice. So, IBAM students are eligible to open clinics in India. This is uncertain for foreign countries.


Conclusion of Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Review

For foreigners, taking this course may not be a waste of time. Since new information has come to light, IPHM accredits IBAM, which may prove useful in UK regions like Ireland and London. However, I see little uses in India. Plus, their prices are high compared to other institutes. seems to be twice cheaper. IBAM is not a GOV website. In Malaysia, TCM is in charge of alternative medicine and they use GOV domain. Anyways, for Indians also, I’d have to say that you’d have to research Thank you for reading this Indian Board of Alternative Medicine review and I hope you’ll have a great day.

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