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Like everyone, I’ll start with the basic nonsense. Every website needs to be hosted. To access a website, there needs to be an NPC (Non-Personal Computer) running somewhere all the time. If NPCs were considered employees, they would be queuing in line at the HR department. You know cause they’re overworked, get it. *cricket sounds* Anyways, InterServer is one the small hosting companies that tries it’s very best to put out an exclusive vibe. Well, any business (or basically anything) major can see that their website is very gimmicky. So without further stalling, let begin our InterServer review.


InterServer Review



First Impressions

Fake, that’s the first impression it might give to anyone. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Can I tell you something honestly? I wrote the above paragraph before the reviewing period. I couldn’t be more shocked from InterServer’s results. So the lesson is to never judge a book by its cover, no matter how cheap and gimmicky it looks. The reason why I even considered testing InterServer was because of their massive promotion. Only $0.01 cent for the first month of any hosting, including VPS. What’s there to lose? Nothing, you pay PayPal.



Registration: A Long Procedure

Registering for a hosting account at InterServer is like registering for something at an office. First, you’ll have to register an account. This is easy because you could use your existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Then, you’ll have to pay using either PayPal or use InterServer’s own system. If you pay using PayPal, here comes the twist. You’ll have to pay an additional $0.01 cent to activate hosting. Sounds suspicious, but don’t worry. They’re legit. Don’t believe me, then believe picture evidence, which will be shown below. If you pay using their own system, there’s a verification process which charges you >$1 twice. I don’t recommend buying using their system. Remember, there’s no free domain included. Use your own domain, you can’t change domains later.




The server (GoDaddy) used for this website has lower specs than InterServer. Click here for the website used to test InterServer. If you don’t believe me, use a WhoIs tool on the website. Then use PageSpeed Insights to analyze server response time. You can also analyze using Pingdom. Anyways, the message I’m trying to convey here is that it’s fast for a normal WordPress website. I’d say it’s the best cheap hosting site for WordPress. Plus, they also have their own Managed WordPress hosting plan. Okay, enough with the jibber-jabber. Here’s picture proof.




 Other Features

There are some features that are worth noticing. For instance, we have a more complex CPanel. It’s average among hosting companies like Hostgator, but rare among less popular hosting companies. As mentioned earlier, no free domain. They offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website hosting, finally, unlimited emails. The best part is, they offer free website migration. Correct me if I’m wrong, most hosting sites charge for website migration. And I’ve just read that they use SSD for their regular web hosting. Hooray!

Click on that banner to go to InterServer. To get your first month of web hosting for $0.01 cent, use the coupon code below.



To conclude, never judge a book by its cover. Even if the book’s cover is a comp image from Shutterstock or if the book looks like slightly mutated WordPress blog. Because that book might be the secret to life. Okay, now I’m overselling it. Anyways, this ends my InterServer review. If you liked this InterServer review, give it 1+. Thanks for reading, have a jolly day and see you next time.

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