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Many hosting companies inhabit the internet these days. Since the entire buying process is online, alternatives are easily found. All of them will have to compete for potential buyers. They either have to offer extreme value or extreme performance. There are various companies that fulfill these roles, like Asurahosting (Cheapest) or InterServer (Performance). There are some companies that offer outrages (negative) deals. GoDaddy’s regular plan offer mediocre speeds for the average price.  However, web hosting by IPage is different. They offer high performance at the average price. There’s just one stingy little thing. You’re locked into an annual contract. In this IPage Review, we’ll be looking at this iPhone like hosting.

IPage Review

ipage review


IPage is one of the speediest hosting companies that I’ve ever tested. In fact, I would say that it is the second speediest company that I’ve tried. First being InterServer. However, the page sizes of both tests were different. For InterServer, it was 1MB in around 1 second. For IPage, it was 8MB around 2.5 seconds, which makes it very suitable for WordPress hosting. Plus, IPage has no server response issues when tested using Google PageSpeed Insights. Same goes for InterServer. When it comes to value, InterServer does have a point since it’s only $5 per month. However, IPage has more overall value which will be discussed in later section.




Compared to hosting companies that I’ve reviewed, IPage offers way more benefits and features. Unlike most hosting companies that give you unlimited bandwidth, IPage offers you the same thing but monitored. When your bandwidth usage becomes extremely high and will risk the stability of the shared server, they will notify you and recommend VPS. Then, they have the usual script installers with an addition of Weebly. Then comes the main goodies. You’re offered online marketing guides. Free Google AdWords credit worth $100, same with Bing, free Yellowpages listing, plus a free toll-free number exclusive to the US. Their email system also comes with a customizable spam filter, virus scanner, and auto responder. They also give you 1GB of cloud storage




They monitor the network 24/7. Plus, the monitor your web statistics for security reasons. They have two server locations, with backbones ensured to maximize bandwidth capacity. The servers are also well-guarded by what they call interior and exterior closed-circuit television. However, even with this much security, there still is a chance of a power outage. Luckily, IPage came prepared. They have a UPS power back and a generator that runs on diesel. They also use CISCO routers that use a BGP4 protocol, which translates to better reliability.



IPage Hosting Prices

In terms of pricing, they’re pretty much average. Let me give you an example, IPage’s lowest monthly hosting plan costs $11.95, without discount. GoDaddy’s lowest plan costs $7.99 without discount. However, GoDaddy’s highest plan costs $16.99 and offers a much slower performance compared to IPage. However, as mentioned before, IPage is a bit stingy when it comes pricing as they only offer annual subscriptions. So, if you want better performance for a slightly below average price, then you’ll have to fork out in bundle.




For support, I cannot personally comment as I’ve never contacted nor emailed them. However, they do have a dedicated line open 24/7, just like GoDaddy. Plus, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. They claim that no questions will be asked. They also have an online help center and ticketing system (Like a forum). Also, they have step-by-step tutorials.


IPage Review: Conclusion

IPage is far by the cheapest professional hosting that I’ve ever tested. It may even be the very best web hosting I’ve ever tested.  In a general category, InterServer beats it by $6, which is a massive difference. IPage has a professional CPanel, which means custom SSLs can be installed if needed in the future. If you want to purchase IPage for only $1.99 for the first year, click on the banner below. Thanks for reading this IPage review and I hope you’ll have a great day. Peace be with you.

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance

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