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I still remember the time when suddenly, one of us said: “How about we go to Langkawi this Christmas break”. We thought it will be fun. After all, Langkawi is the land of duty-free and amusement parks. However, we forgot one tiny little detail. Malaysia has a freaking hot climate. The only part of Malaysia, which is blessed with coolness is the Genting Highlands. Plus, the “land of duty-free” thing is just a ruse. I experienced the cold (I wish), hard truth. So I thought I might as well share it with you. So here my Langkawi review. Warning, I’m not a professional reviewer. I’m just a kid, with a blog, who also likes cheese. Did I mention that I’m creepy? Moving on.


Langkawi Review


Reason for Sudden Vacation

I’ve never been on a plane. Go ahead, laugh at me. I knew I shouldn’t have drank vodka before writing. Moving on, our whole family wanted to get on a plane (more embarrassment). Plus, I’d just received a niece, fresh out of the womb. So, we wanted her to experience her first plane ride as a baby. Of course, she won’t remember it. That’s all I will share about me.


Langkawi review

Places You Should Visit

You should definitely visit the butterfly farm, it looked spectacular but closes early. Then, you should visit the area where they have the cable cars. At that place, there’s obviously the cable cars, a pedal-yourself-powered boat ride, horse riding, places that sell chocolate covered strawberry, and lots more. I should warn you, the river where the boats are on have a lot of annoying fish. The horses look mistreated. Nothing wrong with the strawberries. There’s also a place where you could experience 3D with motion, which is dubbed 5D. As for shopping, you should go to local Malaysian supermarkets. They have duty-free liquor, chocolate, perfume. All which translates to much cheaper prices. Specifically, a supermarket called Billion. If you enter the supermart, there should be a stall that sells imported perfumes for a cheap price. However, check where they import from. It may be from your country. The same supermart also sells sugar-free chocolate, one of Langkawi signature sweets. They also have expensive liquor.



Places You Shouldn’t Visit

Most restaurants enter this list. Either the restaurant is super expensive, low quality, poorly managed, duty-full, or all mentioned. Also when going shopping, check at the place to see if they charge tax or not. Most places in Langkawi claim they don’t charge tax but they do. I personally have no regrets when it came to attractions that were visited. Also, a tip when visiting attractions. Buy any type of fluid to hydrate you before visiting attractions. Near by shops might have cheap sweets, but they do sell other times expensively.



Where Should You Stay

Langkawi can get extremely hot sometimes. Plus, some condominiums offer only a ceiling fan. If it gets too cold, don’t expect the heater to work cause there is no heater. That’s what you should expect when coming to Malaysia. It’s always hot that you don’t need a heater. Check at places like Agoda, Trivago, or AirBnB for condos or hotels rooms. Find one spontaneously will be difficult.



Check weather and temperature rating before vacationing in Langkawi. Because everything is not what it seems. That’s a line from somewhere. To conclude, Langkawi is an enjoyable place to vacay, if the environment is not too hot. I partially enjoyed Langkawi and I hope you do too, fully that is. Thank you for reading my Langkawi review and I hope you’ll have a nice day. Good Bye.

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