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Lazada is one of Malaysia’s and possibly Asia’s biggest online shopping center. Unlike Lelong, Lazada also offers items from abroad. I used to be a regular shopper of Lazada, but now I’m retired to due income loss. If you’re wondering whether Lazada is a good place to shop or not, it is. Lazada has many items than Lelong. For an example, they sell more refurbished products and most of them are cheap. If you’re wondering whether Lazada is a scam, then you’re crazy. Anyways, reviews are meant to talk about the flaws of an item. Let’s begin our Lazada review.


Lazada Review



I normally don’t do intros, but it seems like this one needs one. Just to clarify things, Lazada is like a big virtual shopping mall. They do sell some products, but most products are sold by third-party merchants. It’s similar to Lelong. When you buy products, you buy them from different people. From my viewpoint, each seller gives me their own experience. We will dive deep into it in later sections. I’ll just want to point out to future sellers that you have two options of selling. Either send your goods to Lazada and they’ll sell it, or sell it yourself. Either way, you’ll have to pay the sellers fee. When someone uses a coupon, Lazada deducts the reduction from the fee, not your selling price.




Most recently, I’ve purchased two things. A phone and another phone. The first phone was delivered within 2 days. I believe it was 1.5 days to be precise. The seller used Skynet and the delivery man delivered in the morning. For the second phone, I wait two days. Then, I waited another two days. Finally, the seller canceled my order. I was furious, but not fast (Fast & Furious reference). I dialed their customer service number and waited almost an eternity for them to pick up. When I asked for a refund, they asked my payment method. I used PayPal, so they replied rudely to wait until PayPal refunds the amount back. Overall, phone support was terrible. The time it took for the amount to be refunded almost lasted a century, or it felt like a century. Anyway, that’s my experience.



Refurbished Vs Brand New

Buying without properly reading was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. It turns out that factory refurbished and seller refurbished products have a big quality difference. I think that seller refurbished is just a fancy word for pre-owned. The phone itself didn’t have any cosmetic scratches. However, the phone had major battery issues. It sometimes randomly runs out of battery. It was also jailbroken. When I tried to reverse it, the phone almost became dead. Take my advice, either buy factory refurbished or a brand new phone. Even cheap brand phones wouldn’t have caused so much trouble.

Update 2016: The phone I bought stopped charging. Even charging using a battery charger doesn’t work. Swapped batteries and I’ve even repaired its motherboard. Advice, if the phone you bought has these problems. First, contact Lazada to update that you want to return. Sometimes, you mail to them. Other times, you’ll have to mail the seller directly.



Also, if you want to buy anything from Lazada. Please use the link/banner above. It will help greatly.Thank you for reading this Lazada Review. I’ll make sure to come up with Lelong review soon. To summarize my Lazada experience, it was Lazaknya. Again, thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice day. Byeeeeeee!

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