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I know I said ‘simple’. However, if I need to get this guide into the eyes the public, I’ll need to write a little bit more in-depth than simple. First, the usual stalling. If you’re a blogger and a WordPress at that, you’re probably facing a lot of technical difficulties. Let me give you a ‘for instance’, Google’s PageSpeed Insights gives you a low score no matter what you’ve tried. The most infuriating issue that you’ll face is the “Leverage Browser Caching WordPress” error. I’ve tried countless techniques. Only one simple and awesome way fixed it, which I’ll further stall till paragraph three.


Leverage Browser Caching WordPress


What does it mean to leverage browser caching?

To be honest, the term in parallel I can’t understand. However, the meaning of that term is that you’re setting a cache expiration of above 7 days or a week. WordPress, fresh out of the box, doesn’t have any caching features. You’ll have to install a third-party plugin like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Fastest Cache. A little spoiler, some caching plugins can actually slow down your websites. For some, W3TC was this case. Another spoiler, a handful of plugins like Yoast, EWWW, and JetPack can actually slow down your blog. Use the P3 plugin to find out which plugins are slowing your website. Personally, I’d keep Yoast and an image optimizer.


Solutions to Leveraging Browser Cache


Leverage Browser Caching WordPress

1) CloudFlare

Some hosting plans use CloudFlare, so you’ve probably heard of them. There’s discussion about whether CloudFlare is still good or not. That depends. Does your monthly hosting plan exceed $5 or not? If not, yes, it’s very good. CloudFlare is the only company that offers CDN services for free without a limited time period. If you change the setting a little bit, you’ll end up with a fast site. First, to fix your leveraging problem, after you added your site, go to the Cache Section. There will be a setting to increase browser cache expiration below. Set it to 8 days. Then, do the test again. Voila, fixed. Also, at Caching level, select ignore query strings to score high points at Pingdom and GTMetrix. If your host supports Railgun, then enable that too. Remember, when you add new content to your site, purge cache on CloudFlare.


Leverage Browser Caching WordPress

2) W3 Total Cache

If you enable all caching methods on W3TC, you should see a browser cache section, set the expiration date there in seconds, 604800 seconds should suffice. Also, tick “prevent caching of objects after settings change” to ignore query strings. For me, this plugin never worked. At the same time, it increased my page load time. Using either the first solution or the third solution is much more recommended. However, compared to other caching plugins, W3TC offers the most extensive features, so it’s worth a try.


Leverage Browser Caching WordPress

3) Edit Your .HTACCESS

Open your .htaccess file in your file editor. If you can’t see it, before opening your editor, check the “view hidden files” box. Edit your .htaccess using your file editor’s code editor to guarantee no error. On the below, add the following code from this link. Of course, you can delete certain lines if you don’t want to cache certain files like JPG or GIF. Remember to clear your cache using a plugin like W3TC or WP Super Cache whenever you publish new content.


What about Google Analytics?

That’s something that is hard to clear. I’ve tried many codes, but none of them worked. Either you should use another plugin like JetPack or you should use analytics. I personally prefer to use Analytics and optimize other parts of my website. I cleared the “above the fold” error and response time error. Now, I have a PageSpeed Insights score of 90% to 95%.


Conclusion of Guide Leverage Browser Caching WordPress

I personally prefer CloudFlare from all the solutions above since it does all the work on its server, thus, reducing your server’s workload. In the end, it will speed up most blogs. That’s the end of my guide to leverage browser caching WordPress. If you want more juicy tips to optimizing WordPress, subscribe. Share if it helped you. Finally, thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a wonderful day.


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