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Cheese, one of the greatest semi-soft foods created from milk. Compared to most solid dairy products, I like cheese the most. Cheese can be used with various other foods such as bread, meat, crackers, and….. wait. Why am I playing along? First of all, going to Google and searching “I like cheese” is kinda a weird. Then again, I’ve seen weirder searches. Anyways do you know the person who’s weirder than the person searching for these terms? The person who writes posts for those persons. Man, that’s a lot of ‘person’s.

Since you’re here anyways, why don’t you stick around and read the full post. You might learn something, probably not. A meteor might crash and kill you, probably gonna happen any second. You might even win a thousand dollars….. in the far, far, every far future. So read it, just to make sure you don’t miss anything important, like a jackpot lotto ticket flying in the wind while you read this post. Anyways, here are some reasons to why I like cheese.


I like Cheese


I like Cheese

1. It’s Cuttable

Am I the only one who has a strange obsession with items that are cylindrical, have flat faces, and are easily cuttable, emphasis on the ease of cuttability. Did anyone know that “cuttable and cuttability” are actual words before Googling? Where was I? Ah yes, I’m crazy. Did you know I have videos of how wallets, butter, and cheese are made? The reason is because all of the processes involve a lot of cutting. I especially like the videos about the butter and cheese. When they cut the butter and cheese into blocks, I get a tingling sensation near my spine. If my mom stocks up on cheese and butter, I become a maniac and cut them till they become small dust particles. I’m just kidding, my mom doesn’t buy butter in block form. How can I cut butter inside a packet? I really hope someone gets that joke.


2. It Makes Pizzas Better

Okay, my next reason is a little saner. The reason why I like cheese is because it completes a pizza. Have you ever tried a pizza without cheese, cause I haven’t. However, I did try a small bite of a slice of a pizza with cheese and it tasted 0.002% bad. Also, have you ever imagined pizzas with cheese. The cheese on a pizza is meant like a wrapper for the sauce. No cheese wrapper equals one messy pizza. Also, I’m obsessed with they way how the cheese stretches when a slice is pulled from the pizza. Don’t get me mentioning about Rossana Pansino’s Pizza Cake. It’s divine cheese cuisine and it’s also cuttable. A win-win for me.


3. Perfect Edible Play-Doh

First of all, my standards for perfection is pretty low. Do I consider a silver ring with an embedded rhinestone perfect? No. However, do I consider a 100% gold ring with a 10gm embedded diamond perfect? Close enough. So, when it comes to perfect items, my standards are pretty low. So, why do I find cheese as the perfect edible play-doh? First, it’s easily malleable/shapeable with no heat. Second, it (non-powdered) mixes perfectly with water to make softer play-doh. Thirdly, it comes in unlimited colors naturally. Finally….. oh wait, that’s all. So that’s why cheese is the perfect partner for edible play-doh.



♫This post was just written for fun, I don’t know why it needs a conclusion♫ Okay, that’s all the reasons I could give to why I like cheese and not sound like a lunatic. If you have a blast eating cheese, then you should see a doctor cause you’re probably lactose tolerant. Anyways, thank you for reading my senseless post. Give a 1+ if you can relate or if you just find me crazy. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful baby named Year. Byeeeeeee!

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