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Wondering what would it be like living in Malaysia or are you planning to retire in Malaysia. If so, you better be non-Asian or else it’s going to leave a large hole in your wallet. Malaysia is one of Asia’s most beautiful countries. It’s also has a lot of diversity. Many live in Malaysia, from Black to White, from Asian to Caucasian. It’s like a paradise, for most parts. Malaysia may be a wonderful country, but like country, it has its flaws. Let’s see how living in Malaysia is like in these few aspects.


Living in Malaysia


Living in Malaysia > Costs


Sadly, we’re starting from square one. Living in Malaysia is expensive as eating a bowl of truffles at least once per week. That’s not a fair representation, so here’s a little layout of a family of 4’s monthly expenses. First, groceries would cost around RM 600 ($134) per month. That includes Chicken meat, vegetables, and rice. Next, electricity bills would cost around RM 400 ($90) per month for average use of fans, air-conditioner, etc for a house around 1500 sqft. The Internet costs RM 160 ($36) for 8Mbps and Astro (Cable-TV) costs RM 140 (RM 31) for many channels. Water bills and plumbing bills cost around RM 100 ($22). Finally, the property tax will vary with each house. Altogether, the total expense equals to around RM 1400 ($314). Cheap ain’t it, this doesn’t include rental fees and prices are based on urban areas like Port Dickson.




Malaysia is one small country. It pales in comparison to our neighbors, India and China. However, small size means less travel time. Malaysia’s road are far less crowded compared to countries like Canada or the US. Sure, Kuala Lumpur roads get crowded during work hours, however, there’s at least movement every 20-30 seconds. Areas other than KL will literally not be crowded. Only during rare occasion would there be a crowd. Negeri Sembilan’s roads are literally is like a ghost town at sometimes.

With all good things come with at least one drawback. In rural areas like Port Dickson, hailing a cab can be very hard. Also, there are no Uber drivers most of the time. If anytime there any, their probably dropping off a client from another state. Bus stops are also hard to find in rural areas of Port Dickson. Also, buses take a lot of time to take off and sometimes, you’ll have a stopover and you’ll have to take another bus. So, tourists should probably rent a car or not travel to rural areas like PD.


Spending Time

Spending Time

Ways to spend time in Malaysia are very small, also expensive. You’ll have the usual malls, however, some areas like Port Dickson doesn’t even have a decent one. At the time of the writing, there are no theaters or cinemas in PD. There are one water theme park and a lot of beaches, though. At other areas like KL, there are many amusement parks, 3D art gallery, and various types of malls. At tourist spots like PD and Melaka, you’re likely to find a motioned-enabled 3D cinema or 5D cinema dubbed in Malaysia. The scenery in Malaysia is pretty wonderful if you look past the trash in city areas, rural areas like the hills in Genting and Cameron have amazing views with many flora and fauna.


Our Folks

Our Folks

Most of our folks or citizens as preferred by professional are very friendly. In times of need, they will help. Sure, there are some who talk behind other people’s back in front of them (Us, Indians), however, we are friendly. The friendliest race in Malaysia is the Malays. They smile if you smile and their way of greeting is really formal. Here are some real examples of how Malaysians (Malays) are really friendly. Suddenly out of fuel, someone will definitely give you their spare fuel or drive to the nearest gas station. Car stuck in rut, some people will help you pull it out. Of course, these are not guaranteed to happen to you. However, there is a high probability.



Living in Malaysia is pretty awesome. I know that I would prefer living in Malaysia than my place of origin. If you’re a retiree planning to settle in Malaysia, it’s a good idea if you use an EU or US currency since it will be pretty cheap. So far, the only disadvantage of living in Malaysia is that it can get boring at sometimes. However, a foreign vacation could easily solve this. Anyways, that’s my thoughts on living in Malaysia. Don’t think this is a biased post, I’m not a proud Malaysian due to our officials. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year.

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