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Lucid dreams, ah, the king of all dreams. Lucid dreams are legendary dreams that allow its user to control the dream. If you’re not aware of the dream drop distance system, let me first explain. When you’re in a dream, you become a character that is controlled by a player, that player is also known as your brain. However, once the character (you) realize that this all just a dream, you’ll go haywire. The same thing will happen if a video game character realizes his/her position. Enough with the stalling, you’re here to read my lucid dream experience cause maybe you haven’t. Disclaimer, 1% of this post will be mature.


Lucid Dream Experience


The Beginning

Like all dreams, you’ll have to sleep to start. Sheesh, it’s like Kingdom Hearts is based on sleeping. Here’s a trick I picked up on the internet. Before sleeping or mid-way through it, think heavily about the thing you want to dream about. If you do that, it will work 40% percent of the time. Once the dream begins, you’ll become an animal. Serious, your mind will only act on instincts, intelligence, and occasional hormones. Sometimes, it’s hard to identify a dream because of this state. However, if you do identify the dream as a dream, then almost nothing will change at first. However, you will start to realize that you could control the environment of your dream. Suddenly, you can alter matter to your will. However, the interesting part comes mid-way of the dream




Can you remember the moments that you tried to remember a scenery and you just can’t. However, you can remember how it felt when looking at the scenery. It’s complicated but bear with me for a moment. That’s the feeling you’ll get when you see a remarkable place in your dream. I remember diving into an undersea city (for some reason is dry). However, that’s the only image I could remember. However, I could remember the feeling of awe when I saw that city.

The most exciting thing you’ll ever encounter in a lucid dream is remembering. That’s right, I remember the process of remembering in my dream. It’s impossible to explain it with words. It was like living a complete incognito live. You’ll have memories in incognito, but they’re gone when you become normal. Let me also give you an awkwardly sexual point about lucid dreams, things will almost never go your way. I only did H-stuff once with my crush. To be fair, it wasn’t that lucid at that time. Most of my lucid dreams involve cuddling. Why am I telling you that?




Sadly, you’ll have to wake up eventually. I mean Kingdom Hearts 3 is based on that theory. When you wake up from a lucid dream, it’s the same call. You’ll remember around 2% of your overall dream, I think. The only things you would remember are probably random fragments. However, there is a key to remembering certain fragments. My theory is that it’s based on what you try to remember inside your dream.

The only tips I can give you to dream lucid is already said by other. Keep a sleep and dream journal and try to fall asleep knowingly. I once fell asleep listening to 2 actors in my head drunk talking. I remember every part of the falling asleep process, except for falling asleep. Anyways, that’s my lucid dream experience. Share your lucid dream experience below and make sure to share if you like this post. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a great day

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