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Beaches are a fun place for everyone. Some come to bathe in the sunlight while others come to enjoy the ocean breeze. However, many according to an unreliable (me) source come to the beach to do some swimming and surfing on the ocean. The beach is a great place to do some swimming and especially surfing. However, many Malaysia beaches can be a place where swimming can be a painful and sometimes wonderful experience. Disclaimer to the readers, this review of Malaysian beaches is based on Port Dickson beaches and Port Dickson is well-known for its numerous beaches.


Malaysia Beaches


The Sand of Malaysia Beaches

I’m not an expert in Geology and can’t tell how perfect sand should be. However, I can tell you that walking on the sandy beaches of Port Dickson can annoying. The sand doesn’t feel that nice on your feet. It’s like each sand particle is slightly bigger than regular sand. Not to mention that there are rocks everywhere. One moment you’re walking, the other you’re bleeding. Also, most beaches at Port Dickson has rocky terrain ground upfront, so sometimes, you’ll need to walk to up to sand proportion in sandals and leave it there. Hoping it doesn’t get stolen. Also, walking with sandals on the sand is not a good idea since the sand gets trapped between your feet and the sandals.

Disclaimer, not all beaches have a rocky terrain ground upfront. The chances are 3/4 or 3/5. Making sand castles on the beaches sand is fairly easy. All you need are seawater and some tools which you buy at a nearby store/stall. Playing near the sand near the shore can actually be a lot of fun. Just watch for trash, hidden rocks, and hidden crustaceans.


Malaysia beaches : Port Dickson


The Sun of Malaysia Beaches

If you wanna get tanned, then Malaysia beaches are definitely the place for you. We have a larger access to sun’s rays meaning our part of the Ozone layer is thinner. Sunlight is so strong in Malaysia, that a small peak at the sun could cause blindness. Seriously, a one-week stay at our beaches will ensure that you’ll get that perfect overtanned skin. I don’t know about you, but tanning is the least favorite thing to do in Malaysia for Malaysians. It’s not just because 1/3 of the population are born tanned, it’s because the sun is unbearable sun times. One time while I was at the beach, my skin felt like it was on fire. I don’t know about, but that’s an unhealthy way to get tanned. At sometimes, the sun causes the ocean to heat up at a level where it feels the ocean is a hot tub. Some may find this enjoyable, but many Malaysian don’t.


The Ocean of Malaysia Beaches

The ocean, the main attraction of the beach, to us Malaysian anyway. We mainly go to the beach to float on the water, swim on the water, or surf. Why do we do the first two things at the sea you ask? It’s because retro places in Malaysia don’t have public swimming pools. Almost all states in Malaysia are retro areas. There are three things you should consider before taking a dip in our ocean. First, our ocean is where salty. It’s salty to the point that accidental swallowing might cause you to throw up. Second, the ocean bed contains many hidden rocks. Three tiny rocks got trapped inside my sister’s foot and it hurt like hell when they got it out, according to her. Finally, the ocean is crawled with fishes. Fish in the ocean = Fish pee in the ocean.

However, since there are a lot of fishes in the ocean, it’s a great place to catch some fishes. Fishing can be a very pleasant experience in Malaysia beaches. You can catch a lot of variety of fish in the sea, especially the snakehead fish which can cost ≈ $5/RM30 per kilo. Just make sure to bring a good rod and bait.

Surfing in the oceans of Malaysia is not thrilling experience though. The waves of the ocean aren’t that big and they’re kind of slow. It can get tiresome pretty easily.



To conclude, the beaches of Malaysia are a great place for fishing, sunbathing and, and, that’s it. You’re swimming in fish pee and waves don’t give you enough thrill, most of the time anyways. Still, Malaysia beaches are a great way to spend your time. If you really want to do some extreme swimming and surfing, check Sunway’s water park. They have a gigantic pool and artificial waves to do surfing as long as you like. Don’t take my word for it until May 11th, since I’m going there for my birthday. Anyway, To conclude Malaysia may not have the greatest beaches, but they’re still awesome in many ways. Subscribe for more, thank you for reading, and Malay Teen will catch you in the next one. Byeeeeee!


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