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The Malaysia Truly Asia slogan is one the most famous Malaysia tourism tagline and for most parts, it is true. Malaysia can be considered as a representation of Asia. However, there are few quirks that prevent Malaysia from truly becoming the representative of all Asian countries. One being its narcissistic name. While another could be the racial favoring of the government. In today’s post, we’re going to be looking at the reason why Malaysia should and shouldn’t be the face of Asia. Take note, this post is based on both preferences and statistics.


Is Malaysia Truly Asia?

What is Malaysia Truly Asia?

The phrase “Malaysia Truly Asia” is the slogan of the campaign used to attract tourists. The Malaysia Truly Asia campaign was started around somewhere in 1999 and it saw a success of around 20 million tourist arrival. The Malaysia Truly Asia meaning is that they try to convey that Malaysia is a multicultural place, full of different aspects of all Asian countries. However, is that true? For most parts, it is. Below are my opinions on why Malaysia is truly Asia.


Why is Malaysia Truly Asia

Malaysia Truly Asia | Races

1. Races

Malaysia has a very diverse range of races. Although the majority of Malaysians are Bumiputera, the number of Chinese and Indian are large too. There are other races like the Ibans and Kadazans, but they’re fewer in number. Malaysia also has a large number of foreigners, 8.2% of Malaysia’s residency in fact. If you stroll a month around Malaysia, you’ll meet at least one person of every ethnicity in Malaysia. So, Malaysia does truly represent all the races of Asia.


2. Cuisines

Malaysia, due to its diverse range of races, has many types of cultural cuisines. Tired of eating plain old bread, we have various Indian bread. Bored of pasta, we have various types of seasoned noodles. We even have our signature dish, rice saturated with coconut milk. If you’re ever bored of eating the same old dishes in your country, then pack up your bags and come to Malaysia. However, we do lack a majority of western dishes. Getting truffle-based dishes is rare in Malaysia, so are pasta shops, especially in rural areas. However, you can get almost all types of Asian dishes in every state in Malaysia. Since each state is small, you don’t have to travel a lot. When it comes to cuisine, Malaysia truly represents Asia


Malaysia Truly Asia - Culture

3. Culture

Malaysia is one of Asia’s most cultural countries. We have many Bumiputera-themed places like the Islamic art museum, we also have Indian-themed places like the Batu Caves. We also have Chinese-themed temples. There also have various types of cultural clothing like “Baju Kurung, Punjabi dresses, and Chinese dresses”. We also have various holidays and festivals relating to many of the races of Malaysia. Cultural-wise, we may not house all Asian cultures, but we do house the majority.


4. Sites (Personal Preference)

Speaking of cultures, each continent has its own unique charm. For Asia, I think that would be the sites. Asia has many popular tourists destinations. However, Malaysia has the most diverse tourist spots. Although many of our tourist spots are either Bumiputera, Chinese, or Indian based only, we’re the only country to do so. Other countries usually don’t have historical/cultural places of more than one race. We may not have all Asian racial tourist spots, but at least we have more than one.


Why isn’t Malaysia Truly Asia

There is only one reason why Malaysia could not truly be the representative of Asia. The ethnical diversity and cultural diversity of both India and Indonesia are more diverse than Malaysia according to studies done by Fearon and Alesina. Alesina’s study also concluded that India and Indonesia are both more religiously diverse than Malaysia. There are only three major races in Malaysia, Indian, Chinese and Deutro Malay. There are other races like Bangladesh and Indonesian, however, they’re very few in numbers. Their dishes are also not common in Malaysia. Even the Indian ice-cream, Kulfi is rare in Malaysia.



We may not have the most races in Asia, nor are we culturally diverse. We, however, are many types of cuisines and various cultural sites. We’re also diverse enough in ethnicity and culture to be considered as one of the faces of Asia. Malaysia may not be the face of Asia, however, it is the BEST of Asia. So, is Malaysia truly Asia? Maybe not truly, but partially. As for “1Malaysia”, we’ll talk about that in another post. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a nice day. May you have an endless discovery.

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