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In the US, there are many varieties of people. There’s native, African, Asian, and Indian, which is also a type Asian. I just don’t know why they separate those two. Back to the point, even though there are many types of people there, they’re all called a minority there. In Malaysia, there are three types of majorities, Chinese, Indian, and Malay. In no way am I being offensive because although we have three majorities, only one is prioritized? This is not the case in the US. There may be many types of Malaysian people, but only one type can be the president. Although the government of Malaysia may seem racist, we Malaysians aren’t? So here some things you should know about us, Malaysian people.


Malaysian People: Things to Know


1. Don’t Approach Us Assuming We Know English

It’s not like we don’t know English. We’re just bad at it. I mean I’m using a freaking dictionary to make this post. As I was saying, if you approach a young person, you’ll at least get some info through butchered verbal communication. However, if you try to ask directions to an old person. The only thing you’ll receive is non-verbal communication asking “Are you dumb?”. So, if you plan on vacationing in Malaysia for its horrible beaches and wonderful islands. Be sure to brush up on a little Malay. It’s easy. It’s literally scrambled English. You say “And Orange”, but we say “Dan Oren”. I know, Malay is a lot cooler. Pun intended.



2. If You African or American, We Gonna Stare at You

Since I have an African brother-in-law, I notice that people stare at him whenever the whole family goes out. And not the good kind of stare, the stare that says “I’m better than you” or “You’re probably doing something bad”. I mean the man’s a freaking pastor. The only bad thing he does is walking way ahead of us when we’re at the mall. It’s not only him, many Africans in Malaysia get randomly held up the police. Why you ask? The police automatically assume that A, they don’t have a passport, B, they’re drug dealers or C, they do both. There’s also a thing in our Indian community where they think Indians are automatically better than Africans. Finally, when American or other fair-coloured race roam the streets, they also get the stare. But unlike the stares Africans get, Americans get stares like “I wanna marry them”,”I wanna be them”, or the occasional “I wanna rape them”. To conclude, carry a pepper spray.


3. Most of Are Judgemental

We may not be the most judgemental country of them all, but we sure are judgemental. The no.1 thing you should know about us Malaysian people is that we think that women are not allowed to do what most things men do. We’d judge a woman if they smoke, wear short pants, have tattoos, or has piercings. If a man had all of them, we’d have a float to celebrate. So beware of stares from the Malaysian population. We also judge you for basically anything. The reason why is because it’s convenient for us. We have a language that you don’t understand, of course, we’re gonna make use of it. So basically, sorry in advance for all the upfront backtalk.


Malaysian People

4. Have Extra People in Your Party, Just in Case

One of the most irritable things that could happen on a vacation is having rent-a-car broken down. In these situations, there are two possible scenarios, either someone gonna help you or you’ll have to the agency. First scenario 30%, while the second scenario 70%. Why I say that the chances of Malaysian people helping you are low is because of No.1 thing on this list. We’d feel like an awkward penguin when come up to help, be like “Can help you”. Man, it’s hard to illustrate without a video. Share this post if you wanna see it as a video. Hello, I’m shameless promoter. Back to the point, we Malaysian men actually yearn to help people. We just have difficulty doing it because of communication issues. To conclude, either have extra in your party or brush up on Malay.


5. Don’t Expect Smile with a Service

About 50%, no 70% of customer representative or any representative employee in Malaysia gives you that “I don’t give a scrap” look. I mean I tried to overlook it. I kept on saying they must have been tired, or they had a bad day. No, they just have boss who also doesn’t care about customer satisfaction. Even foreign franchises like McDonald’s have reps that shoot the word “die” from their eyes. Don’t get me started on hotels. Did they not learn from their training that you shouldn’t argue with the customer if they yell at you? To conclude, check reviews of the place you’ll be staying at.



We Malaysian people come in various types. However, like any thing different, we all have our own specialty. I literally don’t know what I said. Now I don’t know whether to group this as “Psycho & Logical” or as “Guide”. Anway, thank you for reading, well, we’re just gonna call it a post. Subscribe for more posts, thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year. Good Byeeeeeeeeeeee!

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