Malindo Air Review

Malindo Air, one of Asia’s most recently new, but currently old airlines. When their service was launched, every Malaysian became excited. You know why, because of the rumors that they’re cheap. I don’t mean cheap in quality, I mean cheap in price. Malindo Air clearly knows that its main competitor is Air Asia. After all, Malindo Air was because Air Asia invaded their turf. You’ll know what I mean if you read below. Anyways, can Malindo steal Air Asia’s slice of pie? Find out in this Malindo Air Review.

Malindo Air Review


Malindo Air Review: Introduction

Malindo Air is a joint venture between NADI and Lion Air. NADI is a Malaysian organization while Lion Air is an Indonesian airline. Thus, the name Malindo came into existence from the name of the two countries. They started its operations on from March 2013. It first and current CEO is Chandran Ramamurthy. He was the P.A executive to the president of Lion Air. Currently, Their headquarters are at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It currently has 27 planes in its inventory. Finally, their slogan is “Smarter Way to Travel”. Sounds like the slogan has a competitive tone to it.


Malindo Air Review: Features



Affordability & Availability

Both Malindo Air and Air Asia offer great prices, especially during seasonal periods. However, when you need a sudden flight, Malindo might offer a better deal. What I mean by sudden flight is booking a flight on the same day or a day before departure. Malindo Air and Air Asia are very competitive when it comes to promoting. As of April 2016, Malindo and Air Asia is offering the same price for sudden flights. However, during my time, Malindo Air offered the cheapest. In terms of availability, Air Asia is clearly the winner. Air Asia has 82 planes in its inventory. This excludes the planes of its subsidiaries. As of April 2016, some flights are already full for certain destinations.


Malindo Air Review


The people at the check-in seemed a little dull. They weren’t rude but at the same time, not friendly. The flight attendants were friendly. However, they did mess with my self-esteem. I was assigned to the outer seat. When I was seated. A flight attendant came up to me and had to verify me to ensure that I wasn’t a minor. There was one problem, though. When I pressed the ‘request service’ button, nobody accepted by ‘service’ request. I pressed the button again, still no response. After awhile, I pressed again and finally someone showed up. The speakers (hardware) in the plane wasn’t clear. I had trouble listening to the instructions. Some of us didn’t know on how to tighten the seat belt.



Meal & Entertainment

There wasn’t any meal in my flight. I suspect the reason lies within the low price of the flight. We were only provided with free snacks. They weren’t even snacks. They were crackers. One packet of crackers. However, I became obsessed with those crackers. Thanks to them, I have a cracker addiction. To summarize, the crackers are tasty so they’re forgiven. However, they only give a cup/packet of water for refreshments. For me, the whole packet was finished within a sip. Leaving me waterless. For entertainment, there were none in my flight. No 9-inch screens nor WIFI. I was looking forward to some movies. Luckily, they allowed me to use my tablet inside the airplane. Did you know that some airlines don’t allow it?




It seems that our plane was a little cramped. The seats pitch around 32 inches. There was decent space for my legs and the seats were comfy. I like that they give a paper bag for each set. Even if a person doesn’t feel nausea, they could use the bag to carry trash. I like the prompt out mini table. It big enough to even hold a tablet. Air conditioning per seat was kind of cold. However, there is an option to turn it off completely. The air pressure above does push your eardrum inwards and this may cause may to some people. To make this disappear, you’ll need to swallow or gulp. If gulping all the water didn’t cure it, try to swallow some air. For me, lifting (no hands) the furthest (mouth) part of my tongue cures it. You could also request more water from them.  They say that its business class flights come with seats that pitch around 45 inches.



Malindo Air Review: Web Site Design

This is where Malindo Air does a little badly. The menu fonts of their website are very unsuitable for themes. Speaking of theme, their theme looks very flashy. This may annoy some people. Air Asia might have a plain white background but the rest of the website looks beautiful. The prioritize their low fare flights. They keep the rest of their website simple. Prioritizing the booking feature on their homepage could  As you can see earlier, they don’t provide correct or full information. Not all flights come with entertainment and WIFI. From what I can tell, economy flights don’t come with meals. I think it’s an addon. I praise them for adding a web check-in feature. This will save a lot of time for consumers.



There are three improvements that I would recommend to them. First, upgrade the snacks. Sandwiches are favored but provided at least icing crackers. Second, upgrade from a packet to a bottle of water. Chilled water is more favored in the current period. Third, provide more information on their flights. They didn’t mention on what type of snack their giving. They didn’t mention about the meal option. Most importantly, they didn’t offer any information on the in-flight entertainment. Another minor improvement they should take is to encourage their check-in receptionist to smile. Other than, Malindo is doing a spectacular job. Hope this Malindo Air review answered your doubts. If it didn’t, leave a comment below and I will get to you ASAP. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have an awesome day.

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