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The internet has modernized almost everything. Anything that is electronic could be transferred to almost anyone. After the digitization of money, making transactions on the internet became easy. Then came the era of massive online open courses (MOOCs). The reason why it’s called ‘massive’ and ‘open’ is because a large number of people could join per session and it’s available to everyone. I personally believe that all MOOCs have value. However, taking an unaccredited MOOC has little value employability-wise. In this article, I will be providing a list of cheap accredited massive online open courses. All of the courses mentioned are below $50.

Massive Online Open Courses


Cheap Accredited Massive Online Open Courses

Brentwood Open Learning College

BOLC is like a mashup of the Shaw Academy and SAC. They offer courses in various fields, their courses are accredited by either NCFE or ABC at level 4 or 3 respectively. Finally, they offer massive deals at Groupon. A 95% reduction in course price, in fact. In England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, an NCFE Level 4 qualification is equivalent to an entry-level college degree. In many countries, the value of foreign certifications depends on the country. For an example, in the US, credential evaluation services decide the value of NCFE. However, in many countries, the value of your qualification largely depends on your employer’s view. In Malaysia, one appreciates my NCFE cert while another disregards it as an illegitimate scam paper.


The Shaw Academy

The Shaw Academy is on top of the list for many reasons. One of them is because its affordability. The cheapest course from them costs $9. They’re also accredited by the CPD and NCFE. For those who don’t know, CPD and NCFE is a UK awarding body. Courses from the Shaw Academy are normally 1 month long. The courses consist of live lessons. The live lessons are delivered live lessons are delivered through a webinar program called Citrix. There is a total of 10 lessons. There is an assignment at the end of each week and there is a final exam in the last week. After passing the final exam, you’ll receive your certificate. For my full review of the Shaw Academy, click here. You’ll need the link to the promotion page to buy courses at cheap prices. Click here for the promotion page.



Virtual College

Virtual College is considered to be a competitor the Shaw Academy. It’s similar to the Shaw Academy in many ways. However, its price strategy differs drastically from the Shaw Academy. Virtual College sells their courses directly at cheap prices. Unlike the Shaw Academy, Virtual College is accredited by many UK awarding bodies. Side note, each course is accredited by one body. Some courses contain PDF certificates. Other courses contain physical courses. Likewise with the Shaw Academy. There is a flaw to Virtual College. All courses from Virtual College are made from reading materials only. Examples include PDFs and online text. Other than that, they’re perfect.




GoSkills and Virtual College are very similar. However, it’s clear that they’re trying to compete with the Shaw Academy and not each other. GoSkills’ courses are accredited by the CPD only. They follow the same head-on pricing strategy of Virtual College. However, they sell subscriptions to courses. They don’t sell the course as a whole. Subscriptions can be a month or a year. If you finish all the course materials within the bought time period, you’ll receive your certificate. The courses contain on-demand videos and quizzes. The videos do seem to be of high quality. For my full review, click here.


massive online open courses <Paid>


I’ve saved the best for last. By now you’ll know that this list is in a random order. The University of the People (UoPeople) offer actual degree programs for free. Not completely free, though. You’ll have to pay the one-time registration fee and some exams fees. The degree programs are also accredited, but not by an awarding body. These programs are recognized by DEAC, which means that accredit UoPeople. There are two fields in which you can choose from. Those computer science and business administration. You have the option of pursuing an associate’s, a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Each has its own requirement. One annoying requirement is that you’ll need to be 18 years old or above.



Free Non-Accredited Massive Online Open Courses


massive online open courses <Free>


This is my favorite free alternative. The courses at ALISON are kind of childish for some people. However, I enjoy them. ALISON offers two types of courses, normal and diploma courses. The length of the course varies with each course. Courses at ALISON consist of either slides, animation, video, audio, quizzes or any combination. Once you finish all the units, you’ll be eligible to purchase a certificate. It seems that certificates are free, bummer. However, you can receive a free PDF certificate for this list of free online courses with certificates.




Udemy is a great free alternative. The main reason is because its courses are highly interactive. The difficulty of each course varies with each course. So does its value. If a course was created by a professional company, then it has high value. Unlike Alison, Udemy courses could also be created by inexperienced people. Courses may consist of videos, audio, slides, PDFs, quizzes and more. Unlike ALISON, free courses from Udemy come with a signed PDF certificate. For my full review of Udemy, click here



I hope that my list of massive online open courses satisfied you. I hope that the sentence before doesn’t sound weird. Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ll have a nice day.

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