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Namecheap is one the hosting/domain companies that sit on the fine line between major and minor companies. It’s a major company that is not widely known. While it does offer hosting packages, domain registrations are where Namecheap truly shines. Everything related to domains is at least 20% off compared to competitors and they also offer free Whois guard for 1 year.  There isn’t much to say when it comes to domains. No matter where you buy them, they’ll still be the same. Anyways, this Namecheap review will mainly be about the hosting plans but will contain a short section about domains.


Namecheap Review


Namecheap Review > Domain


As mentioned before, domain prices are normally cheaper on Namecheap than competitors’ website like GoDaddy. However, unlike competitors, Namecheap doesn’t offer any type of .com promotions. They do offer promotions for other TLDs, but for .com, their prices are regular. So, it’s advisable that you purchase your domain’s 1st year on places like GoDaddy, where you can get them for even $0.99 cents. Then, transfer them to Namecheap after the first year. Why you ask. Because Namecheap’s renewal and transfer prices are at least 20% to 30% percent off than competitors.





Before we dive into other parts about Namecheap hosting. I would like to say that it has one of the cheapest hosting plans out there. For the first year, they offer their cheapest plan for only $ 9.88 per year. The renewal price is also cheap at $ 38.88 per year. Plus, when you sign up for the plan, you’ll be given an option to buy an SSL certificate for your domain for only $1.99. This certificate can even be used outside Namecheap if you plan on switching hosts. Anyway, compared to GoDaddy or other high-end companies, Namecheap is very affordable.




No matter how cheap a plan maybe, it will have no value if the speed is sluggish as a snail. Namecheap on its own does deliver optimal performance. The speeds ratings sit for around 2-3 seconds for a Canadian browser on a site size around 900KBs. This is considered to be weak with some people. However, I’ve seen worst in other companies. Still, 2-3 seconds is not good for a site since some may not wait that long. That’s why I combined CloudFlare with Namecheap. By combining CloudFlare, I reduced the load time to under 2 seconds. In the US, my load time stays under 1 second.

Still, I was curious to check whether I could further reduce my load time. So, I change to a Hostgator Managed WordPress plan. My results shocked me. My load time took around 5 seconds in a Canadian browser. To be fair, I didn’t use CloudFlare for that plan. Mainly because of the restrictions of that plan. Maybe a hatchling or a baby plan could have given me a different result.


Other Features

Other Features

Another noticeable feature provided by Namecheap is that it offers backup of the server twice a week. Although many do offer it, most within Namecheap’s price range don’t. Other reasons to pick Namecheap include usage of SSD-accelerated storage, usage of PHP 7.0, unlimited bandwidth, Google Apps, and Softaculous script installer. With Softaculous, importing WordPress from your current website to Namecheap is easy as pie, if you know how to bake a pie. Plus, they’ll transfer any type of website to your server for free, though I don’t know is it unlimited or only once.



To conclude this Namecheap review, Namecheap, as its name implies, is a place where you get to name a domain for a cheap price. Not only that, they also offer cheap hosting plans. Are they the best hosting plan on the web? Definitely not. Do they offer the best value on the net? Possibly yes. Until I find a better hosting plan with great value, I dub Namecheap king of value hosting. That’s the end of this Namecheap review. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a wonderful time.

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