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Sometimes, the brain of a human can be cloudy as a cloudy day. There’s just no sun in that brain. When there’s no sun, the seeds of positivity won’t grow. That’s why we need to brighten our thoughts with some positive thinking techniques. Some of the benefits of positive thinking include increased intelligence, boosted energy, and at last, reduced suicidal thoughts. So, without further stalling, here are some techniques to reduce the clouds in your brain.


Positive Thinking Techniques to Brighten Your Thoughts

Positive Thinking Techniques

Why do you need to think positive?

It’s true that negative thinking also helps increase intelligence. However, negative thinking is only useful to prepare for the worst case scenario. Always thinking negatively will not only decrease your mood, but it will decrease your IQ, drain your energy levels. Plus, it will literally ruin your work ethics. No work ethics mean no job. No job means no money. I don’t have to continue to make my point. Sometimes, positive thinking is hard to kickstart. That’s why I’ve compiled this list for you. But first, I’m legally required to say that I’m not a medical professional.



1. Listen to Youtube’s No.1 Motivational Professional, IISuperwomanII

First, comedy, in general, helps to boost a person’s mood. When you’re happy, the clouds in your brain will disperse. Thus, you’re cleared to kickstart your positive thinking. YouTube is a great marketplace for comedy. However, its a great place for positive enforcement too. If you haven’t yet, try to watch some of Lilly Singh’s videos. Her draw my life video is especially motivational. Most of here video are comedic, there are some that are motivational, though. Most of her videos are targeted for a female demographic.


Positive Thinking Techniques

2. Follow Your Dreams

You’re probably like “Is this guy for real?”. Yes, mock me. However, following your passion does inspire positive thoughts. You don’t have to start big. Really, if you have a stable income job and photography is your passion. Don’t throw away your job till your passion yields a stable income. I don’t have enough time to blog, but I shouldn’t quit college for that. That’s what I tell myself every day. It may sound crazy, but dreams are what you want. If you achieve your dream. You’ll never think negatively again.



3. Work Hard/Build Your Career

No, I am talking logically. Pep talks and motivational CDs are really ineffective compared to my ways according to me. If you work hard to achieve small goals like buying a car or house, you’ll build self-esteem. Self-esteem is basically the emotion of positivity. If you excel in your career, you’ll, again, build self-esteem. Think about it, if you receive a promotion within a short time, will you think negatively about yourself or the antonym. Remember my friend, working hard is the only way to achieve most things. A wise saying of the YouTuber mentioned above.


Positive Thinking Techniques

4. Pep Talks, Motivational CDs, and Daily Affirmations

I’m highly against this technique. However, even though it’s ineffective, it still works. Pep talks usually have a high effectiveness rate when done by a professional like Lilly Singh. I say she’s a professional cause she has a degree in psychology. She knows how the brain works. Secondly, motivational CDs have many stories that may or may not inspire you. However, most of them have a boring speaker. Finally, repeating affirmations daily does help to achieve your affirmations and slightly boost your positivity levels. I usually don’t spend money on any of this. So, I suggest that you search for all of this on YouTube. Remember, YouTube is marketed as free. But you’re paying them by watching or clicking the ads.



That’s all of the positive thinking techniques that I have for you. What, were you expecting more? Anyways, for more positive thinking techniques, subscribe to Lilly Singh. Subscribe to me for more posts, lists, guides, reviews and other sorts of weird stuff. Remember, don’t let negativity cloud your judgments. Plant more positivity so that you can make more wise and non-regrettable decisions. No offense. Anyways, thanks for reading all four or less of my positive thinking techniques and I hope that you’ll have a wonderful, lovely day.

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