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It’s 2018 and as the old saying goes, nothing stays the same. The Shaw Academy has again seen a couple of major revisions, the first and most noticeable would be the design aspect. The old website had a light beige and dark green them, while the newer site has a light blue and white theme. The second most noticeable change would be their course library. Their library has expanded in diversity, meaning they have more than one type of field. Finally, the most drastic change in an academic-sense would be their shift to EQF and SCQF for accreditation. To know more, just jump into this Shaw Academy review.

The Shaw Academy Review


Shaw Academy Review

Shaw Academy Accreditation: Is Shaw Academy Recognised?

To give you a brief introduction, the Shaw Academy was founded by James Egan and Adrian Murphy in 2013. The headquarter’s located in Dublin, Ireland, which explains why most of their former and current accrediting bodies are European based. The Shaw Academy’s success skyrocketed thanks to Groupon, but with great success comes great greed. The Shaw Academy was formerly accredited by the NCFE for both basic and advanced courses at QCF Level 4. This means it was on-par with an associates degree in the US or a diploma in Asia. However, since both types of courses had the same value, they changed the accreditor of the basic courses to the CPD, which is virtually useless. Finally, in 2018, they’ve changed to EQF, however, there’s still a problem.

If you Google about the EQF, you can learn that it’s a framework or a translation tool for European qualifications. Take the Diploma in Leadership & Management course as an example, the full course itself is claimed to be on level 5 on the EQF, which means on par with an associates degree. However, unlike the first, they’re just frameworks. The NCFE is an accreditor, meaning they ensure your qualification is according to level 4 standards of the QCF. However, the Shaw Academy doesn’t have an accreditor this time. This means they’re claiming to be level 5 on EQF level themselves.

To conclude, this means their certificate might have no real value. It’s not enough for them to say their education is at level 5 in the EQF. They need to be assessed by a well-known accreditor like the EuropeActive Standards. Like in Malaysia, MQF tells the worth of a certificate, while the MQA assess the educator to make sure it lives to the MQA standards. That answers the big question in the Shaw Academy review. If you still want to proceed and get to know about the Shaw Academy, please proceed. Also, the institute below offers ABC Awards-verified, QCF level 4 education below. I admit I get paid if purchase, but by Groupon, not the institute. So, just visit the institute webpage if you feel I’m a little biased.


The Shaw Academy Review: Course Content & Structure

The course used to be 1 month long, but they’ve increased to 4 months if you want the self-claimed level 5 EQF qualification. During my time, the Shaw Academy had actual live classes using the Citrix webinar program, I actually commented using the program and my lecturer responded. However, it seems that courses might now be given pre-recorded as one of my readers said that he saw a lecturer teaching two different courses at the same time. There would be an assessment per week and a final exam at the end of the course, which was not proctored. I made a mistake in my previous version of this post saying it is proctored.

Shaw Academy Review


The diploma in digital marketing course is very basic to Business majors like me. You’ll learn about terms like CPA, CPM, and CPL. You’ll also be taught on how to use Google’s keyword planner and Google Trends. They will also give you some information on affiliate marketing. It seems that everything that is taught in this course is vocational. Theoretical marketing topics like the consumer buying process aren’t taught here. However, they do teach about some of the psychological factors involved in digital marketing. They’ll teach about some of the platforms of email marketing.

In 2017/2018, the Shaw Academy seemed to revamped their course structure and content. From the looks of it, it seems like its going to be interesting. However, the certification again has no value.

Assignment and Exam


To give you an understanding of how easy the old assessments were, you could easily finish them if you were at least a sixth grader. The same goes for the exam. Even if didn’t know, you could always cheat off the slides they gave you, or just Google the answer.

Shaw Academy Review


Now in 2017, you have the option of receiving a hard copy or soft copy of the certificate. However, you’ll have to pay $39.95 Euros for a soft copy and $49.95 for a hard copy. On the plus side, there’s, uh, there’s no fee for soft copy for Shaw Academy Premium Plus members and only $19.95 Euros for Hardcopy. That depends on how often you take courses. Memberships allow you to take any course, but you’ll have to pay for a hard copy certificate.

Here’s a link to the alternatives of this institute if you wanna take a look. Also, if you’re thinking of buying one course from the Shaw Academy, first try the trial. Remember, they’re no longer accredited by any 3rd party awarding body.


Shaw Academy Review: Conclusion


To conclude, the Shaw Academy was super popular due to their major Groupon sale, however, they still provided actual value for their price since they were accredited. Now, the Shaw Academy claims they’re internationally recognized while only claiming they’re on level 5 in the EQF with no accreditors. In their old circumstance, the Shaw Academy’s certificate can even stand alone in a CV. Now, including their certificate would make your CV look sketchy. Even looking at the quality of their education, one of my readers said that the same type of material can be found on the internet for free, but not aggregated.

To conclude, I think their certificate is not worth your money. It’s better to stick to Brentwood Open Learning College, however, if you’re biased since I’m gaining something from the sale of their course, you could try Stonebridge Associated Colleges. They’re really similar, except Stonebridge courses don’t go on Sale. Anyway, thank you for reading, please like and share to help others learn about the Shaw Academy and I hope you’ll have a great day.

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