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Finding quality education these days is hard. Some institutes contain garbage material while many aren’t even accredited. Well, it’s a good thing that Simplilearn doesn’t fit into this case. Simplilearn is one the institutes that offer sophisticated and professional education. Seriously, the course itself is called Project Management Professional (PMP). However, like all professional institutes, they charge a high fee and I know my readers. We (including me) don’t prefer pricey education. However, there are in some rare cases that a reader purchases a course over a thousand dollars. In this Simplilearn reviews, I’m going to explain why Simplilearn is better than the Shaw Academy and why you should invest in a course there.

Simplilearn Reviews


Simplilearn reviews

1. High Quality

Where the Shaw Academy offers screen-recorded videos which mostly consists of slides, Simplilearn offers video tutorials with actual people giving you a lecture. If did most of your high school learning online, you’ll know that an actual person, even if they’re digital are effective at teaching than some narrator with a bunch of slides. Plus, the video will be more fun cause most of the lecturers have a vibrant personality. The more interactive and fun the lessons are, the less sleepy you’ll get as time passes by. Plus, they’re instantly available. Don’t believe, watch a trailer at their website.



2. Great Accreditation

ITIL accredits many courses of Simplilearn, which is way better than the CPD or NCFE. Some courses include Service Operations, Continual Service Improvement, Operational Support and Analysis, and much more. They even have their own Masters program, but it’s not an actual college degree but is widely recognized. Remember though, to get your own ITIL certified certification, you’ll have to sit for the exam. A third-party institue will hold the exam. To be eligible for the exam, you’ll need to do the course with Simplilearn or other institutes, have IT literacy experience, and have the prerequisite certification (if there is any). You will, however, receive a certification of completion from Simplilearn.



3. Great Investment

Seeing many of my readers buying the advanced course from the Shaw Academy and said they have no luck with them. So if you’re willing to pay that much money for a single course. You could use that money on Simplilearn’s bundle program. $999 for all the courses. Since ITIL accredits it, you’ll have no trouble finding a job. I mean if you’re going to more that $300 dollars on a theoretical college course, why don’t you try your luck on something practical. Click here to see the course list, it’s huge. Click here to see for yourself. Also, if they have a refund policy if you don’t like the course. Read the full policy as it has many exceptions.



I wouldn’t say that Simplilearn can substitute a college degree. However, it can substitute most UK body accredited courses that are offered online. So, it’s a great alternative to the Shaw Academy, GoSkills, and other CPD accredited courses. However, it’s extremely expensive. I wouldn’t recommend that you spend a huge proportion of your education budget on this since it’s still considered as an additional qualification. Remember, nothing can replace a degree, especially from where I come from.

If you don’t believe me, then check out PC Mag’s review of Simplilearn. Also, see this is not a deceptive title, see there are two Simplilearn reviews. One here, one on another website. Anyways, thank you for reading, have an awesome day, and see you next time. Coordinated aisle walk and bye.

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